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NYSBANYSBA Member Benefits

The New York State Bar Association Member Benefits

Blumberg Forms Online

  • Eliminate typewriters, cost of obsolescent forms, cover letters and inventories.
  • E-mail form and message to an unlimited number of recipients with every print.
  • Boilerplate and e-mailed forms cannot be changed
  • Uses familiar Adobe platform with portable pdf and fdf files (ready for electronic filing).  
  • All keystrokes can be retained to avoid redundant entry of data in other transactions.
  • Unlimited printing of “DRAFTS.”
  • Creates riders to forms within pdf file.
  • An archive e-mail of each draft and final is sent to user.
  • Secure, password protected. File remains available at site for 30 days or 10 days after final print. 
  • Field for client or matter number enables allocation/recovery of costs.
  • Available around the clock.

    Purchase an ID and Password for as few as 15 Blumberg forms @ $6.00 each.
    To obtain discounts call 800 221-2972 x565. Povide your membership number when ordering
    Pay by check, credit card, or charge to a Blumberg house account.

    Specialty ASP's

Blankrupter 4.8.7 Internet Singles

For chapter 7,11,12 &13 Bankruptcy filings

With all revisions of the Official Forms, Means Test, IRS and Census Bureau Data Tables through December 1, 2012.

    File bankruptcy cases:
  • Provide Chapter 7, 11, 12, or 13 Bankruptcy Filings for clients without having to buy bankruptcy software.
  • Use the latest bankruptcy forms and all current IRS and Census Tables without upgrading and managing software.
  • If you decide to get the CD version, apply the cost of one online filing ($49.95) to the cost of the CD version if you buy it within 30 days of your online filing.
  • The full featured program that does all calculations and prepares the Official Forms in pdf format for electronic filing and on paper.

    $49.95 per case , 5 cases: $43.95 each, 10 cases: $37.45 each NYSBA discount 10% Go to Blankrupter Singles

Blumberg HUD-1 Online*

Creates HUD-1 and 1A Settlement Statements and IRS 1099 copies B and C.

    This program enables you to complete this tedious form and easily revise it before, or even at, the closing.
  • Print letter or legal size.
  • Customizable line titles and notes at the bottom of the HUD forms.
  • Retains common filer information for later closings.
  • Automatically calculates column totals and recalculates each time you save, making revisions a cinch.
  • In-depth, line-by-line official instructions help take you through the form completion process.

    Click for a full discription of Blumberg HUD-1.
    $19.95 per closing. Purchase 10, $14.95 per closing. NYSBA discount 10%

NY Statement of Net Worth 2.0

New York DRL Sec. 236, Blumberg Form 159

Click for a full discription of NY Statement of net Worth.

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