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Litigation, Legal and Report Covers

Plain and Imprinted Report covers for briefs, tax returns, contracts, etc.

Legal Covers, Blue Backs

Presenting your professional work to a client is a marketing opportunity. BlumbergExcelsior offers plain and imprinted report covers as well as federal and state litigation covers for contracts, briefs, wills, financial documents and tax returns that enable you to deliver your work in a way that also communicates the high quality of that work. We offer both top bound and book style report covers.

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If you want custom imprinted legal or report covers please call 800 529-6278 press 3.

FREE Shipping to the contiguous 48 States.Order Minimum $50

NY Litigation Covers

All covers have electronic service, overnight-courier affidavits and the following forms:

Attorney’s certification, Attorney's affermation, Individual verification, Corporate verification, Affidavit of service of papers (extra space for multiple recipients)

On Cover
Notice of entry, Notice of settlement, Admission of service,
Certification pursuant to Rule 22 NYCRR 130.1.1-a

Staple-Concealing Style

Blumberg Forms Online & Computer Covers

Lonely Lawyer Lit Back

  • A busy attorney without staff created the Lonely Lawyer Certification, Verification and Affirmation of Service forms for this NY Lit Back.
  • Blue Linen only. Cat. No. 2906 (call to order)

Traditional Horizontal or Vertical Styles

Antique Manuscript (all colors)

Linen Manuscript (blue, off-white & canary)

NY BackScans™

Strip Mini Backer

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