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Incorporation Services & LLC Formations

Use Blumberg’s fast, professional service to prepare and file documents with the Secretary of State for a new Corporation, LLC, Professional Corporation, LP, LLP or nonprofit corporation. In a hurry ask about expedited service.

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Servicios de incorporación

Effective July 1, 2014
New and Revised New York
Not-for-Profit Corporation Forms
for the Nonprofit Revitalization Act of 2013

Last Will & Testament and Trust Stationery

We offer the largest selection of will stationery available.

100% cotton Testament Ledger for the finest quality and most durable paper. It is formulated to our exigent specifications for will papers by one of America's leading paper mills. The smooth surface is perfect for laser and inkjet printers. For high-quality will stationery at lower cost, choose our 65 lb. Pebble Finish covers and envelopes and 25% cotton will papers.

View Our Full Selection of Will Stationery.

Corporate Kits - Fast Service

Kits shipped the same business day or next.

FREE Shipping on all corporate kits.

FREE Clause: Order your kit online and get a free clause on corporate and LLC certificates.

FREE SharePrinter™ Template makes printing certificates easy.

Corporate kits available with printed minutes and by-laws, LLC kits with operating agreements.

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NEW CosmoLex Cloud Software

The Only Cloud-Based Legal Time & Billing Software with 100% Integrated Trust Accounting.*

When it comes to legal time tracking and billing, missed time and expense entries or hard-to-understand invoices translate to lost revenues, frustrated customers and collection problems. On top of that, law firms often select a billing system without adequately analyzing their trust bookkeeping requirements. A legal billing system that is set up poorly and fails to incorporate trust accounting functions only makes matters worse!

Find out more about CosmoLex here

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Free Return Address Printing on Envelopes until September 30

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300+ Blumberg Forms Online

Power of attorney, lease forms, real estate, litigation, business certificates (DBA’s), etc. Legal forms for specific states and nationwide. Find Your Form Now

Online Forms Applications

- Bankruptcy Filing $49.95
- HUD-1 Closing $19.95
- NY DRL Networth $14.95
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Save on Patent and Trademark Folders

10% on any order. Save 15% on orders $350 or more. A-4 metric Size Paper and Bristol Board are included.

Legal Pads

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