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Certified Mail Label 3086

FREE Certified Mail Software 3.5

A complete Certified Mail solution. Easy to use and USPS approved.

We are now offering the Standard Version of the latest release of our popular Certified Mail software for free.

Download free Certified Mail software here.
For a disk, order Cat. No. 3086SW, $25.00.

Outstanding features and benefits:

  • Enables you to prepare the entire Certified Mail piece in the time it takes to type a label.
  • Automatically calculates fees. Adjustable if rates change.
  • Maintains a database that stores addresses and multiple label information for future printing.
  • Certified Mail transaction report tracks your Certified Mail and includes a handy feature for recovering costs.
  • Copy name and address from word processor or other program. Paste directly into the Certified Mail software.
  • Unlimited number of “Send to” data files.
  • Import/export database of names from/to other programs.
  • Print mailer number and barcode or purchase forms with pre-printed barcode.
  • Print extra label with your choice of information.
  • Go to USPS tracking site from within program.
  • Create a complete Firm Book or a condensed report.

Order Certified Mail labels

Certified Mail PRO Software for volume users

3086SW Certified Mail 3.5 standard on disk with 10 Free Labels $25.00
3086PRO Certified Mail Pro 3.7 single user, 100 3086 labels $299.95
3086NW5 Certified Mail Pro 3.7 5-User Network Edition, 3086 labels $489.95

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