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RESPA Settlement Statement HUD-1, 1A Online

RESPA Settlement Statement HUD-1, 1A Online

Simplify the tedious task of completing real estate closing statements.

The software enables you to quickly and easily complete the following forms in pdf format:

- HUD-1 Settlement Statements HUD-1A Settlement Statements
- IRS 1099 copy B and copy C.
- Revisions are easy
  Automatically recalculates each time you save the document
- In-depth line-by-line official instructions take you through the form.
- Retains common filer information for later closings.
- Prints forms in letter or legal size.
- Line titles are customizable.
- Large note field at the bottom of each form

This useful program is built on a secure platform. The software is downloaded free and the data resides on your computer. There is no charge unless you print. After printing you can revise and print the forms for the same closing as many times as you like without additional charge.

One set of documents with unlimited revisions, only $19.95, or save 25% by purchasing ID and Password in advance for 10 closings.

Order Complete HUD-1 Settlement Statement Online

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