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Custom Legal Agreements

Shareholder Agreements, LLC Operating Agreements and Limited Partnership Agreements

Since the nineteenth century Blumberg Legal Forms have been used in millions of transactions. In the twenty-first century we offer several methods to meet your entity document needs from single transaction forms online to custom tailored corporate agreements and documents. Choose the application best suited to your needs.

Custom Legal Agreements

The Operating Agreements Library (state specific)

The Limited Liability Companies Library prepares Articles of Organization and Operating Agreements for limited liability companies including family LLC’s. Select provisions for appointment of managers; transferability of interests; rights of first refusal; buyouts on death, disability, retirement or termination of employment; admission of new members; deferred capital contributions and security therefore; loans from members; covenants not to compete; acquisition and operation of realty, reporting requirements; arbitration; and other subjects.
Model Paper Operating Agreements for Any State $16.50
Custom Operating Agreement prepared by our paralegals $85
Operating Agreement Library (specify state) Cat. No. 4951 $450 + free shipping

The Corporate Kits/Minutes Library.

The Corporate Kits/Minutes Library prepares the organizational minutes and by-laws of closely held corporations. Elect Sub chapter S treatment, medical reimbursement plans, qualification in other jurisdictions, etc. You can also prepare draft minutes for annual or special meetings of the directors or shareholders. The program for each state will let you prepare documents for Delaware corporations as well.

Shareholder Agreements Library (specify state) Cat. No. 4948 $450 + free shipping
Custom organizational minutes and by-laws prepared by our paralegals, $70.00

The Shareholder Agreements Library (state specific)

The Shareholders Agreements Library prepares cross-purchase and stock-redemption agreements with provisions governing rights of first refusal; buyouts on death, disability, retirement or termination of employment; payment terms and security for deferred payments; determinations of stock value; life and disability insurance; elections of officers and directors; restrictions on corporate actions; arbitration and other subjects. Each state program will let you prepare documents for Delaware corporations as well.
Custom Shareholder Agreement prepared by our paralegals $70
Shareholder Agreements Library (specify state) Cat. No. 4948 $450 + free shipping

Limited/General Partnerships Library (LP, Family LP, General and Joint-Venture Agreements) (state specific)

The Limited/General Partnerships Library prepares limited partnership agreements (including family limited partnerships) and certificates as well as general partnership and joint venture agreements. Select provisions pertaining to deferred-capital contributions and security therefore; acquisition, development and management of realty; rights of first refusal; employment of agents; loan from partner; reporting requirements; restrictions on action; admission of new partners; conversion of GP interest; and other subjects. If the limited partnership interests are to be syndicated, you can prepare a draft offering memorandum which summarizes the terms of the offering, the provision of the partnership agreement, tax consequences, risk factors, etc.
Custom Limited Partnership Agreement prepared by our paralegals $75
Limited/General Partnerships Library (specify state) Cat. No 4946 $450 + free shipping.

For LLC and corporate organization single use online applications click here.

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