Order Form for a Corporate Kit

Cat. No. 73 . Use for corporations with one class of shares. Corporate Kit orders received by noon are customarily shipped the same day.

Note: Professional Associations and California Professional Corporations require custom certificates. Please call Customer Service, 800 221-2972, select 1, to place orders.

Please enter the details required below and carefully proofread your entries. The certificates, label, and seal are customized directly from your order as you enter it. Accordingly, you retain responsibility for any errors or blank fields.* Our software uses the capitalization you enter and selects an appropriate type size and font for the length of the entity name. We recommend upper and lower case for long names. If you wish to specify type, or use your own logo, please contact us for charges and shipping schedule. If the name on a gold lettered record book (Ex Libris, Centennial, Esquire & Red Russia) is longer than 27 characters and spaces, or for multi-class or certificates with special text, call 800 221-2972 press 1.

Name of Entity

Enter name exactly as on organization documents. The name must end with: Corporation, Corp., Incorporated, Inc. or Ltd.

To assure correct spelling, punctuation, spacing and capitalization, please enter the name of the entity again.
Note: If the name contains more than 45 characters and spaces, an additional charge of $14.60 applies for a 2" die seal.

State of   Year Organized

For Corporations Only:

No. of common shares authorized    Par value $ per share    No par value
Note below in special instructions if you do not want the word "common" printed.

Shares authorized refers to the max. number of shares authorized in the organizing documents, not the initial number you will issue.

Certificates signed by:

President / Secretary-Treasurer, or
The standard signature line for a Corporate Outfit is "President and Secretary-Treasurer"

California Corporations:

Choose one at no charge (only available with green border certificates). Or you may choose the web order special below.

§25102(f) exemption: non-registration under state or federal law clause
§25102(h) exemption: close corporation and transfer condition clause
§25102(h) exemption: transfer condition clause


Loose certificates and stubs (suggested for Shareprinter Template users). Certificates removed from bound books are 8" wide and require special care when printed. Loose certificates are 8 ½" wide. Notwithstanding the foregoing, bound certificates help prevent fraud.

Add. lithographed certificates @ $0.38 ea. IRC §1244 complete set: plan, instructions, etc., $11.50 extra

Green border certificates supplies unless you select: blue, brown or orange

*The cost to replace certificates, seal element and labels is $58.40. If the record book is gold lettered, the cost is $59.00 extra.

Additional Clauses Printed on Certificates WEB ORDER SPECIAL

One standard clause (click to see list) printed on face of the certificate at no extra charge. Enter clause code . Codes are in green. We can print additional standard or custom clauses on the certificates, however, space is limited, and we may have to print on side two or suggest a certificate with a different border that allows more copy. Please call customers service at 800 221-2972 for quotes and to place your order.

Special Instructions