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If you are not a Texas attorney and want to form a Texas Corporatation , please call 800 221-2972 press 2.
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If you are a Texas attorney and have questions about forming a Texas Corporatation, please call our Austin office, 800 252-3050.

The following factors affect your total price. We will contact you to confirm the total price.
- You Select a kit that is more or less than Blumberg's Black Beauty Corporate kit.
- The number of authorized shares exceeds the maximum requirement stipulated by the state. 

Our annual resident agent fee for Texas is $110. The Texas attorney discount will automaticly be applied at the end of the checkout process.

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The name must end with the word "Corporation," "Incorporated" or "Limited," or the abbreviation "Corp.," Inc.," or "LTD.". Enter three names, in order of preference. A unique name is more likely to be accepted by the Department of State and to be filed quickly. If all names are rejected by the Department of State, we will contact you for additional choices, with a resulting delay. A name that is particular and descriptive is less likely to conflict with existing corporate names. If all names are rejected by the Department of State, we will contact you for additional charges for a further search.

All authorized shares do not have to be issued. Enter Number of Shares.
For multiple class corporations, please call Corporate Services at 800 252-3050.

Class: Common Preferred

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Optional Services for Your Corporation

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The fee for expedited service is a state fee of $25.00. With or without expediting, Blumberg’s service fee is the same.

Business License Compliance Package $99.00: Yes No Learn more about this service.

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Sales & Payroll Tax Registration Service
Sales Tax Registration Service yes

LLC Manager: Yes No $29.95