NY Limited Liability Company Electronic Kit

Downloads of the electronic kits will be sent during office hours within one hour. In the near future, they will be sent 24/7 and delivered 30 minutes after purchase.

Use for LLCs with one class of certificates. Click the link on the email, enter your email address and download the kit. The kit will be sent to the email address you logged in with. To receive the kit at a different email address, log out and log in with the preferred email address.

Please enter the details required below and carefully proofread your entries. The contents of the kit are customized directly from your order as you enter it. Accordingly, you retain responsibility for any errors or blank fields. Our software uses the capitalization you enter and selects an appropriate type size and font for the length of the entity name. We recommend upper and lower case for long names. 

Multi-class or certificates with special text, not available. For best results print with a laser or inkjet color printer on archival cotton content paper.

Questions? Call 800 529-6278, press 1.

Name of entity Enter name exactly as on organization documents.
The name must end with: LLC, LC (in certain states) or Limited Liability Company.

To assure correct spelling, punctuation, spacing and capitalization, please enter the name of the entity again.
If the name contains more than 44 characters and spaces, an additional charge of $14.60 applies for a 2" die seal.

Year Organized   Certificates numbering  The default is 1-20 Specify a different starting number

Type of LLC Certificate (Green Borders)

Units of Membership Interest supplied unless you check Representative or Percent certificates below
Authorized to Issue Units of Membership Interest (Default)
Authorized to Issue Units of Membership Interest

Certificates signed by:
Member and Manager, unless you specify otherwise (enter titles)

Representative certificates
Representative certificates without assignment form (transfer of certificate does not affect a transfer of interest)

Percent certificate (no authorization line)

Optional Items for Your Kit

Web Order Special
Check box to include the following clause without charge ($9.50 value).

Clause 1P   Transferability of this certificate is restricted by the Articles of Organization.
The Company will furnish upon request and without charge a full statement of the restrictions.

LLC Manager: Yes No $19.95

Pocket & Desk Seal

Special Instructions

Please Read and Agree to Terms to Proceed

Celerity Return Policy.

The Celerity corporate/LLC kit is a non-tangible, irrevocable software. We do not provide refunds after the product is purchased (with a 30 minute grace period), which you acknowledge prior to purchasing the Celerity corporate/LLC kit from Blumberg.com. Please make sure that you've carefully read the product description and instructions before making a purchase.

Contacting us If you would like to contact us concerning any matter relating to this Refund Policy, you may send an email to info@blumb.com


The documents generated in this electronic kit do not constitute legal advice. It is recommended that the completion and use of the documents generated from this electronic kit be reviewed by a competent legal professional.  It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that these documents are completed correctly. Further, it is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that these documents, as well as the computer program which generated them, are kept and maintained privately and securely. Blumberg assumes no responsibility or liability relating to the use, reuse or modification of any of the electronic files or materials produced. Any unauthorized modification or reuse of the product or the materials herein shall be at your sole risk, and you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Blumberg harmless for all claims, injuries, damages, losses, expenses and attorneys fees arising out of the unauthorized modification or use of these materials.

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