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Blankrupter® 4.9 Bankruptcy Filing Software

Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 with all revisions of the Official Forms, Means Test, IRS and Census Bureau Data Tables

Bankruptcy Software

Includes official forms B3A, B3B, B6 Summary, B17A, 17B, 17C, B22A-1, B22A-1Supp, B22A-2, B22B, B22C-1, B22C-2 & B200 dated 12/1/2014
– CD version for unlimited use
– Online single case bankruptcy filing

More Information on new bankruptcy forms in Blankrupter 4.9

Dynamic MEANS TEST CALCULATOR with IRS and Census Bureau Data included in the database

  • A full featured, easy to use program that makes filing bankruptcy electronically easy
  • No other software needed
  • Determine Means Test “presumptions” in advance
  • Database refined to the county level in all districts
  • Determines “presumptions” and populates fields of OF 22A, B or C. If data changes, presumption will be revised and appropriate form completed
  • Gathers Schedule I data for Means Test
  • Easily download revisions to IRS and Census Bureau tables
  • One button upload creates all documents for electronic filing: official forms in PDF format; creditors matrix in text format and debtor’s information file. Includes the form, “Declaration of Electronic Filing.”
  • Ability to import PDF's of local forms
  • Add captions to all forms and “Amended” (or other headings required by the courts) for amended bankruptcies
  • City codes in database for electronic filing
  • Link to support site in Help for updates and downloads
  • Print preview to view files before creating the PDF or printing on paper
  • Two Chapter 13 Plans, plus new Small Business Plan, B25
More Information

Bankruptcy Questionnaire 12 pages:

Print or email to your clients to help them gather, organize and present you with their information in logical sequence.

Network Version

Common creditor data tables are shared network-wide, peer-to-peer or on central file server. Exemptions data tables for each machine or network-wide. System default by each machine or network-wide settings.

Enterprise edition available, call 800 221-2972 x565

System Requirements:

Windows 7 & 8, Vista, Windows NT, 2000 or higher, 64 MB RAM (128 recommended), CD ROM drive, 25 MB hard disk space for basic installation and windows compatible inkjet or laser printer.

Network Requirements:

Peer-to-Peer or File server network requiring a host computer with at least 50MB free hard disk space.

Return Policy:

Programs are not returnable once registered with the software developer, North Winds, Inc. Additional user licenses, modules, upgrades and network editions are not returnable. See software return policy at

Annual Maintenance:

Includes revisions of Official Forms, IRS and Census Bureau Data Tables, program improvements and support included if you have most recent upgrade.

Special Trade-In Offer

Trade in your competing bankruptcy software with proof of purchase and save $200 off the full version of Blankrupter! Call 800 221-2972 x565 for details. Trade in software no returned.

Download fact sheet on bankruptcy filing software

Are you thinking about getting into bankruptcy practice?

Blankrupter® Single Case Online is a good way to start. Avoid investment in software until your filing volume rises.

With all revisions of the Official Forms, Means Test, IRS and Census Bureau Data Tables through December 1, 2014.

File Bankruptcy Cases: Provide Chapter 7, 11, 12, or 13 Bankruptcy filings for clients without having to buy software.

Use the latest bankruptcy forms and all current IRS and Census Tables without upgrading and managing software.

If you then decide to get the CD version of Blankrupter, apply the cost of one online filing ($49.95) to the cost of the CD software if you buy it within 30 days of your online bankruptcy filing.

Blankrupter is a full featured bankruptcy program that does all calculations and prepares the Official Forms in pdf format for electronic filing and on paper.

$55.00 per case, 5 cases: $48.95 each, 10 cases: $42.50 each
Download bankruptcy filing software for one case, Blankrupter 4.9 Singles

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