Seizin® Contract to Closing Real Estate Software

A complete transaction management system for real estate professionals, Seizin™ makes closings easier by combining electronic and manual tasks into one, integrated program.

Seizin® brings automation and organization to residential real estate transactions from contract to closing and significantly reduces costs associated with virtually all aspects of the process. Expect savings in the rapid preparation, transmission and retention of documents; as well as, instantaneous availability of critical information at the office or from remote locations. Seizin's many remarkable features include:

Features List:

• contract of sale preparation
• document preparation, auto-fills forms
• 1099 submission
• scheduling
• tickler system
• messaging system
• ordering of title insurance
• electronic document delivery
• scanning and archiving

• conversation log
• closing statement preparation
• file settlement and tracking
• open condition follow-up
• contact management
• management reporting
• check writing/reconciliation
• mailing and folder labels
• marketing letters and tools and many more . . .

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This program includes many forms commonly used in your practice and links them to the database. Adding your own custom MS Word documents is easy. A click fills in the form fields from the database. They can be edited as usual. Seizin also allows you to convert them to a PDF format before e-mailing.


You can get a good idea about Seizin by reading the online drop-down menus and clicking on the button for the tutorial. It is loaded with a sample file to help you understand the flow of data.


To schedule a training session, please send us an email. We will contact you with the schedule and registration information.

HELP—Online Tutorials

This will walk you through the program screen by screen with call outs to explain the functionality of each drop down menu and button, step by step. Click here.

Telephone Support 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday - Friday 919-741-5077


If you decide to buy call 800 221-2972, Ext. 565.

$495 license for one user, for the first year; $395 a year thereafter. Additional licenses, first year, $100; $50 a year thereafter.

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“Finally someone has figured it out. Our firm has been searching a long time for a comprehensive program to handle our real estate transactions. Bravo!” Gerald N, Esq. Garden City, NY

Cat. No. Description PRICE Qty.  
6800 Seizin Contract to Closing Software, 1st year first User $495.00
6800AL Seizin Contract to Closing Software, 1st year additional license $100.00
6800AM Seizin Contract to Closing Software, yearly renewal single user $395.00
6800ALAM Seizin Contract to Closing Software, yearly renewal additional license $50.00

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