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The Registered E-mail® System

E-mails are easily changed. Protect your communications with Proof of Sending + Proof of Delivery + Proof of Content

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With The Registered E-mail® System You Get Legal Protection
Although electronic signatures have the same legal status as those on paper, e-mail messages can become worthless as evidence if their receipt or content is disputed. The Registered E-mail® System protects you by providing the sender of an e-mail message with an electronic receipt that proves the message’s delivery. The receipt includes a “digital fingerprint” of the message that can be used to prove the exact content of the original message and its  attachments. This protects you from the receiver’s changing your e-mail. The receipt itself is a digitally sealed, counterfeit-proof document whose contents can be authenticated by e-mailing it to the Registered E-mail® System. The Registered E-mail® System receipt is more than a claim that a message was delivered. Each receipt contains an audit trail of evidence and records collected from the recipient’s mail server, mail system and e-mail client program. Receipts contain:

  • Sender’s name and e-mail address.
  • The names and e-mail addresses of each intended recipient.
  • The time the message was received by the registration server.
  • The time the message was delivered to each recipient.
  • A unique network identifier for each message.
  • The delivery status of the message to each destination (e.g. “Delivered to Mailbox”, “Opened”).
  • Details of the delivery of each message (typically: the name of the recipient server).
  • Transcripts of server-to-server delivery transactions.
  • The digital fingerprint of the message.
  • The size of the message.
  • The subject of the message.
  • The file name and size of each attachment of the message together with their digital fingerprints.
  • Delivery Status Notification messages sent by receiving mail servers.
  • Opening receipts sent from recipient mail records.
  • Hyper Text Transport Protocol (HTTP) records recording opening of messages.
  • A copy of the original message together with all of its attachments.

Use for securities law practice

  • Provide advance notice of general meeting. Saves money, speeds notice, and shortens time
    requirement to precede meeting.
  • Record participation in proxy vote. Proves quorum while reducing time and cost of vote.
  • Serve notice for compliance with by-law provisions or preferred shareholder protections. Returns verifiable proof of notice delivery.
  • Send alerts regarding securities filings, such as restatement or correction notices, to comply with regulations. The system returns verifiable proof of notice delivery for each required recipient.The Registered E-mail® System messages are an acceptable form of notice.

Use for corporate law practice—Notices to comply with contractual obligations

  • Send notices specified in contracts to comply with agreement. Returns proof of compliance.
  • Serve demand letters and emergency notices. Returns verifiable proof that the notice was delivered to each intended recipient. Courts commonly accept this form of notice.
  • Send early termination and cancellation notices and purchase orders.
  • Emphasize to the recipient that the sender has proof of E-mail acceptance. Reduces denial of E-mail receipt.

Use for labor law practice

  • Serve employee terminations. Returns proof that the notice was delivered and the time accepted.
  • Send employee offer letters, policy handbooks, benefits notices, and contracts. Protects against dispute of terms and conditions of employment.
  • Provide notices to comply with requirements within employment contracts. Returns proof of compliance in case of a future dispute.
  • Document early terminations, evaluations, and reprimands. Proves content and time delivered and received by employee.

With The Registered E-mail® System You Close Deals Faster

Accelerate sign-offs and expedite the closing of business deals. With The Registered E-mail® System you get signatures and counter-signatures to close contracts in compliance with The Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN).

Use The Registered E-mail® System Register Reply™ option to return The Registered E-mail® System receipts to both the sender and receiver, protecting both parties to an agreement.

With The Registered E-mail® System You Save Time

When you send an important e-mail you no longer have to call the person you sent it to for confirmation of receipt. Just send your message using The Registered E-mail® System and you’ll get a receipt via e-mail that legally proves sending with time stamp, delivery with time stamp and even the exact content of what you sent, including attachments.

With The Registered E-mail® System You Save Money

You don’t need to make multiple copies of documents for every person or entity involved in a transaction. You don’t need to send multiple faxes to get signatures and counter signatures. You don’t need to use overnight delivery services to deliver documents securely and on time. And you don’t need to manually file hundreds or thousands of pages of documents. Use The Registered E-mail® System to get legally binding electronic signatures, counter signatures, proof of sending, proof of delivery and proof of content.

With The Registered E-mail® System You Can Practice More Law Electronically

Use in attorney to client communications

- Confirm discussion from a telephone conference or office meeting.

- Send engagement letters and other understandings defining the scope of representation. Returns proof of agreement to protect against future disputes.

- Send legal opinions, memoranda, and other advice to clients. Memorialize discussions with clients about risks, status, and other sensitive matters. Returns verifiable proof of what was discussed to protect against future liability.

- Send billing notices and requests. Returns proof of acceptance by client.

Use in litigation—Notices to opposing party

- Serve cease and desist notices for intellectual property infringement.

- Send notices as required under contracts, statutes, etc.

- Serve court filings and other litigation documents.

- Deliver demand letters or any prerequisite to lawsuit documents.

- Document discovery correspondence in litigation, for later use in court. Returns counterfeit-proof electronic record in the form of an e-mail receipt

- Send emergency notices of preliminary injunction and other court hearings. Eliminate dispute around E-mail receipt and content delivered.

- Document lawyer agreements made during litigation or corporate deal-making. Avoid potential disputes about what was said and when.

- Provide cost effective and instant notice to foreign entities or to those with only an electronic address.

Use in litigation—Notices to administrative body

- The Registered E-mail® System messages return verifiable proof that the intended recipient accepted filing, content filed, and exact government time filed. Submit court arbitration, mediation and general filings via e-mail—including Federal and State courts—criminal, civil, probate, housing, juvenile, bankruptcy, etc.

- Submit quasi-court filings—to resolve disputes, such as worker’s compensation boards, employment/discrimination dispute boards, etc.

- Submit administrative agency filings.

Use The Registered E-mail® System to legally protect your e-mail transactions while you save time and money conducting more of your practice electronically. Now you can get The Registered E-mail® System easily from BlumbergExcelsior, the same company law firms have been using for legal supplies, forms, software and corporate services since 1887.

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Introductory Promotion for First Orders—Buy any quantity, get the same number free. 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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