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State Specific Document Assembly Software for Inter Vivos Trusts

DL Drafting Library makes preparation of Inter Vivos Trusts easy and thorough.

DL is a library of documents. The documents work like templates and are faster and easier to use than document assembly. The language in the forms is state-specific and has been gathered from the leading treatises and law firms.

Inter Vivos Trusts Library prepares revocable and irrevocable “living trusts” for individuals or couples, including life insurance, QTIP, power of appointment, QDOT, GRAT, QPRT, A-B, A-B-C, grantor retained annuity trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, section 2503 (c) trusts for minors, credit shelters, marital deduction trusts, charitable trusts, supplemental needs trusts, sprinkling and other types of trusts. Select with the flexibility of various beneficiaries, alternates, successors, fiduciaries, powers, and terms. Estate planning trusts may include provisions reflecting the phasing out of the estate tax. Other options address rights to invade the principal of trusts, powers of appointment, disclaimers, pensions, and qualified plans, sub-S trusts, oil and mineral rights, cash bequests, removal of trustees, virtual representation and various instruments transferring property to the trustees.

DL Libraries used by legal professionals to create legal documents since 1983 $500 each
Multi-state single library (all states except LA), $1000
Network single library (8 users), $1000
Save on complete sets: NY 23 libraries 4950-3NY, $5000, save $6500*
Other states except LA (19 libraries) 4950-3[xx], $5000, save $4000*

Network & military versions, or other questions call,800 221-2972 x1553
*Plus credit of $500 for each library previously purchased.

“Can I use DL Libraries on a Mac?”
DL is a Windows program. To use DL on a Mac you need to enable the Mac to run the Microsoft Windows operating system. You can do so using software packages such as Parallels Desktop, Microsoft Virtual PC or VMware Fusion (and, of course, you'll need a licensed copy of Microsoft Windows). Parallels Desktop is popular. Even without one of these packages you can install Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp which comes on all Macs. Once you have installed Windows on your Mac, you can install DL in the Windows section of the Mac. Instead of purchasing Parallels Desktop and Windows, a lot of attorneys just purchase a PC to run DL and other Windows programs.

To speak with a software specialist, call Ann Lutchmidat at 800 529-6278 x1553 or email

Drafting Libraries is prepared solely by Attorneys Computer Network, Inc. BlumbergExcelsior, Inc. is not responsible for the content of DL Drafting Libraries.

The DL Wills and Inter Vivos Trusts Libraries have been revised so parties to same-sex marriages now can use marital deductions trusts and bequests, credit shelter trusts, and other estate tax planning techniques. The programs also give some guidance for preparing wills and trusts for parties to domestic partnerships and civil unions.

"The options for the irrevocable and revocable trusts are excellent. I ordered online with expedited delivery and the trusts library was promptly received. The questionnaires cover everything I needed or may need. The fact that the program can create documents in a number of formats including Word or WP allows me to customize and further tailor the trust product, if necessary. After familiarizing myself with the software, my first trust took about ten minutes to prepare. This is my first library but I look forward to acquiring more."

William Armstrong, Attorney, Jackson, Mississippi

4931 DL Drafting Libraries—Inter Vivos Trusts   




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