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Document Assembly Software for Wills

DL Drafting Library makes preparation of a Last Will and Testament easy and thorough.

The DL Wills and Inter Vivos Trusts Libraries have been revised in light of the Supreme Court's decision that DOMA is unconstitutional. Parties to same-sex marriages now can use marital deductions trusts and bequests, credit shelter trusts, and other estate tax planning techniques. The programs also give some guidance for preparing wills and trusts for parties to domestic partnerships and civil unions.

Prepare simple and complex wills for individuals of any marital status. Select from various types of the marital deduction, credit shelter, and other estate planning trusts, reflecting the phasing out of the estate tax, or select less frequently used provisions such as the granting or exercise of powers of appointment, purchases of annuities, charitable trusts supplement needs trusts and pour-overs to inter vivos trusts. The residuary estate may be divided into equal or unequal shares, with each share being given to the beneficiaries outright or in a variety of trusts. Trusts may be terminated or partially distributed at specific ages or may last for the lives of beneficiaries. Alternate and successor beneficiaries may be specified. Prepares living wills, health care documents, powers of attorney, family tree affidavits, asset summaries, execution checklists, etc. For appropriate jurisdictions, personal property memoranda, community property agreements, and waivers of rights of election may be prepared. See the Client Interview Questionnaire for more details.

Click for FREE Living Wills and Health Care Powers of Attorney Document Assembly Program

This program is based on the DL Wills Library and prepares living wills and health care powers of attorney for all states except Louisiana. It is fully functional and free. Download it now to prepare living wills or powers of attorney and you'll see how easy it is to use Blumberg's DL Libraries for many legal documents.

DL Libraries Fact Sheet

Download our PDF document for information on document assembly software for wills, prenuptial agreements and more.

To speak with a software specialist, call Ann Lutchmidat at 800 529-6278 x1553 or email

Cat. No Title State  Price  
4930 DL Drafting Libraries—Wills $450.00

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