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SoftTIME Diamond

SoftTIME Diamond

A complete Attendance Control system which saves valuable time and effort. With this feature packed program you can track employee records in days or hours modes simultaneously, detect individual, seasonal, & departmental trends, and spot vacation conflicts. It has built-in Point Tracking & Reporting, Automated Backups, Leave Requests, Vacation ‘Buy-Backs’, and Enhanced Security. You’ll also find customizable Absence Categories, Holidays, Accruals, Carry-overs, Reports, Company Policies and Security Levels. All of this in an easy to use, click-of-a-mouse interface. This simple, straightforward program benefits every organization by saving time and money with practical recordkeeping.

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Reduce Attendance Problems
- Evaluate individual, seasonal and departmental attendance trends.
- Take advantage of the data to prepare master vacation schedules and avoid vacation conflicts.
- Rely on our powerful reports to detect absence abuse to spot and resolve problems before they become critical.

Complete Attendance Information
- Attendance Reports (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, year to date).
- Days/ Hours at work.
- Days/ Hours off (accrued vacation, days taken, and days due, personal days, sick days, maternity/paternity/family/disability leave, etc. total of 27).
- All user-defined categories.

Schedule Vacations
- Prepare master schedules to avoid conflicts
- Assign vacation allowed time automatically (annually or upon employment).
- Reset vacation days, sick days or personal days at any time.

Detects Repeated Absenteeism
- Lists absenteeism by category for each employee.
- Documents chronic or habitual absenteeism (Fridays and Mondays, for example).

Record and Track
- Record and track attendance on calendar, anniversary or fiscal year separately for each employee.
- Record absences as they occur at any time during a 24hour day in increments as small as 5 minutes.
- Carry over employee’s unused vacation, illness and personal time.
- Accrue vacation, illness, and personal time based on time worked.
- Automatically total employee absences.

Additional Features
- Set up shifts by department or individual.
- Create your own absence categories and customize them with your own icons.
- Create your own holidays.
- Year at a Glance screen displays attendance history for an entire year.
- Preview 27 different reports on screen.
- Easily spot vacation conflicts.
- Make Notes - Comment on any absence
- Password protection
- 30 days FREE technical support

Cat. No. Description PRICE Qty.  
6700-25 SoftTIME Diamond, 25 employees $341.95
6700-50 SoftTIME Diamond, 50 employees $539.95

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