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Professional, Engineer and Architect Seals

Make crisp, consistent impressions with your seal manufactured on our state-of-the-art seal die computer engraving equipment. Whether you order a standard notary seal, a corporate embosser, library embosser or professional seal or a custom seal with unique artwork, the embossing will be clear and readable.

Blumberg carries an array of seals to adopt as your own symbol and distinctive mark, to personalize books and affix with pride on your documents. Choose a monogram or an image of an "Open Book," "Tree of Knowledge," "Torch of Learning" or "Scales of Justice." Or design a custom emblem of your own. For greater effect, impress the image on a gold or red self-stick label before embossing documents.

Nowadays, seals are popular gift items.  At Blumberg’s, you can choose between a chrome and black pocket seal—or a polished brass, chrome or black desk seal.

Blumberg Pocket Embosser Stamp
Blumberg Pocket Embosser Stamp
 Embossed Corporate Seal


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Notary Seal?

The official notary seal embossing seal or embossing stamp is your most-used tool as Notary. A notary uses an embossing stamp that is either an engraved, embossed seal or a black-inked rubber stamp seal that is used on the paper document that needs to be notarized.

What is an Embossing Stamp

An embossing stamp alters the surface of paper documents or other materials by providing three-dimensional crimping or a raised effect. The procedure requires the use of two dies: one that is raised and one that is recessed and is housed in a device called a seal.

Who Invented Embossing Stamps?

Engraved, etched, debossed surfaces have always held a fascination. It probably began with goldsmithing. Gold is malleable and the smiths used it to mold and etch beautiful objects. Great masterpieces have been created by engravers. In the quotidian world, we engrave stock certificates, letterheads, diplomas for beauty and elegance as well as security.

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What is a Corporate Seal?

The corporate sealor company seal  is used to emboss the company’s significant documents, signaling that they are authorized by the Board of Directors, Members or Mangers of the company.

Learn More About Corporate Seals Here.

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