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“Most Document Assembly Programs are very productive, but their cost to implement places them beyond the reach of small law firms after you add the cost of hour after hour of attorney, paralegal and consultants time converting your documents.”

The DL Wills and Inter Vivos Trusts Libraries have been revised in light of the Supreme Court's decision that DOMA is unconstitutional.

Parties to same-sex marriages now can use marital deductions trusts and bequests, credit shelter trusts, and other estate tax planning techniques. The programs also give some guidance for preparing wills and trusts for parties to domestic partnerships and civil unions. The DL House Sales, Condo Sales and Coop Sales Libraries were also revised to reflect that couples are not just traditional husbands and wives but may be parties to same-sex marriages, domestic partnerships or civil unions or may be two individuals of any gender without any formal relationship. Real estate contracts also have been revised to provide for third party guaranties of purchase money mortgages/deeds of trust.

DL Drafting Libraries Benefits!

No conversion time - load the disk, click the library title and start your client's document. Answer the questions (multiple choice, yes/no and fill-in-the-blanks) and the logic in the library creates the document. Or print out the questionnaire for your client interview and let your staff complete the document.

DL exclusive: For critical questions, the libraries contain useful up-to-date tax and practice tips. First drafts are created in as little as ten minutes and you use the word processing with which you are familiar (including Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect) to review, edit and print documents.

The quality of the documents composed by DL will impress you. DL has been used by attorneys since 1983, and the programs have been updated regularly and reflect the input of the thousands of attorneys who use it, including every branch of the US military.

At least 19 DL Libraries for each state (except Louisiana), 23 Libraries in New York.
Each DL Library comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In minutes you will see that this productive and successful document assembly software works for you.

DL Libraries – used by legal professionals to create legal documents since 1983 – $450 each

Multi-state single library (all states except LA), $900
Network single library (8 users), $900
Save on complete sets: NY 23 libraries 4950-3NY, $4500, save $5850 
Other states except LA (19 libraries) 4950-3[xx], $4500, save $4050

Network & military versions, call for pricing, 800 221-2972 x1582

Click on individual library for detailed information

FREE Living Wills and Health Care Powers of Attorney Document Assembly Program

This program is based on the DL Wills Library and prepares living wills and health care powers of attorney for all states except Louisiana. It’s fully functional and free. Download it now to prepare living wills or powers of attorney and you’ll see how easy it is to use Blumberg’s DL Libraries for many legal documents.

Cat. NoTitleState Price 
4930DL Drafting Libraries—Wills$450.00
4933DL Drafting Libraries—Separation Agreements$450.00
4931DL Drafting Libraries—Inter Vivos Trusts$450.00
4952DL Drafting Libraries— Prenuptial Agreements$450.00
4934DL Drafting Libraries—House Sales$450.00
4938DL Drafting Libraries—The Office Lease Riders$450.00
4935DL Drafting Libraries—Condo Sales$450.00
4937DL Drafting Libraries—Commercial Real Estate Contracts$450.00
4939DL Drafting Libraries—Store Lease Riders$450.00
4940DL Drafting Libraries—Net Leases$450.00
4947DL Drafting Libraries—Business Sales$450.00
4948DL Drafting Libraries—Shareholders Agreements$450.00
4949DL Drafting Libraries—Corporate Kits/Minutes$450.00
4951DL Drafting Libraries—Limited Liability Companies$450.00
4945DL Drafting Libraries—Security Agreement$450.00
4946DL Drafting Libraries—Limited/General Partnerships Library$450.00
4947DL Drafting Libraries—Employment Agreements$450.00
4951DL Drafting Libraries—Management Agreement$450.00
4932DL Drafting Libraries—Divorce$450.00
4943 DL Drafting Libraries—Mortgages/Deeds of Trust$450.00
4936-3NYDL Drafting Libraries - Co-op Sales Library Co-op Sales, New York$450.00
4944-3NYDL Drafting Libraries - Foreclosures Library, New York$450.00
4941-3NYDL Drafting Libraries - Tenant Evictions Library, New York$450.00

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