How are upgrades handled?

Upgrades to the program are obtained directly from the developer. The updates are released if there are legislative or significant case or practice changes.

Their prices for updates are:

- Downloads of updates cost $35 per library ($350 for the full system of 24 DL libraries). 

- Updates on a CD cost $60 per library ($600 for the full system). There also is a $5 transaction fee.

Version 10 is the current version for most DL libraries. Version 10 was released in 2011. Version 10.2 of DL Divorces was released in 2016 (for $35/$60).

Is there an annual update fee?

There are not annual updates.

Since 2011 free Supplements containing improvements to the programs have been posted on the web.

Do DL Libraries work on WordPerfect?

Yes, and most other word processing programs including Microsoft Word.

What is the latest update to DL Wills and Divorce?

May 3, 2018 – If you have not already done so, you should update to Version 10. It incorporates numerous substantive improvements to the DL libraries, including suggestions from our large customer base (over 50,000 attorneys). Update to Version 10.2 of DL Divorces.  From time to time you should download the Free Supplement to Version 10 which contains improvements to the programs. We welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have.