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Your Trusted Partner Since 1887

For more than a century, Blumberg has built a legacy in the legal industry. Our journey began in 1887, when Julius Blumberg, a visionary with a knack for innovation, founded a humble store in New York City's Lower East Side. Our roots are in stationery, but our aspiration to better serve our customers inspired us to pioneer the law form, which revolutionized the way legal transactions were conducted.

We've come a long way since then, but our commitment to serving the legal community has never wavered. Our spirit of innovation, our commitment to quality, and our focus on delivering value to our clients – these principles remain at the core of who we are today.

We are proud to be your trusted partner in the legal field, as we have been for over a century.

LLC, LP and Corporate Kits

Shipped the same business day or next

FREE Clause on certificates for online orders

FREE SharePrinterâ„¢ Template prints certificates easily

Fillable pdf Operating Agreements (Rev. 2016) or Minutes & Bylaws with kits ordered with printed forms. Shop our entire line of corporate kits!

Black Beauty nonprofit corporate kit

Nonprofit and Not-for-Profit Corporate Kits

Any of our corporate kits may be purchased for non-profit corporations.

For Details on Nonprofit Corporate kits click here.

NEW! Celerity Digital Certificates

With a few clicks, your LLC or corporation certificates will be
compiled and stored in several PDFs available to download
and store in the safety of your computer.

Learn more about Blumberg's New Digital Certificates


Blumberg Forms Online – Our Best Selling Legal Forms

View, fill-in and print completed forms (pay per transaction).

Browser Independent.
Access the site with your favorite browser! No work-arounds for different browsers.

New Viewer
The forms are more attractive, functionality is improved.

Easier to proceed through the stages to finalize a form

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