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Last Will & Testament and Trust Stationery

Last Will & Testament and
Trust Stationery

We offer the largest selection of will covers, envelopes and paper.

Choose 100% cotton Testament Ledger for the finest quality and most durable paper. It is formulated to our exigent specifications for will papers by one of America's leading fine-paper mills. The smooth surface is perfect for laser and inkjet printers. For high-quality will stationery at lower cost, choose our 65 lb. Pebble Finish covers and envelopes and 25% cotton will papers.

We also offer Old Council Tree Bond®, a standard in the profession and now available exclusively from Blumberg. It’s available in black ruled, gray ruled and unruled will paper.

We use only genuine steel-die engraving for the words “Last Will and Testament,” “Will,” “Trust,” and “Declaration of Trust.” Our oversize envelopes are designed for testamentary and trust documents to enclose short or long documents in letter or legal size.

Your firm name can be imprinted at a modest additional charge. Each imprint may include up to six lines. Specify GOTHIC, ROMAN, Cheltenham or Arial typeface.

Will Stationery and Supplies
Steel Die Engraved

Old Council Tree Bond®

Old Council Tree Bond®
Ruled & Unruled Engraved
"Will or "LWAT"

Testament Ledger Stock

Traditional Die
Will Covers and Envelopes
Will Paper
Will Stationery Kits
Oversized Will Envelope

Unembellished Die
Will Covers and Envelopes

Gold Engraved Ink
Will Stationery

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Pebble Finish Stock

Engraved "Will" or Blank
Will Covers and Envelopes
Will Paper

Engraved "LWAT" Traditional Die
Will Covers and Envelopes

Will Stationery Kits
Will Paper
Oversized Will Envelope

Engraved "LWAT" Unembellished Die
Will Covers and Envelopes

Gold Engraved Ink
Will Stationery

Thermographed Will Stationery
Covers and Envelopes

Specialty Will Paper
Blue and Red Ruled Will Papers


Will Ribbon and Tying Instructions
Wax Seal and Wax Bars

Xstamper Self Inking Stamp
Client Receipt of Original Will

Blumberg’s will and trust stationery delivers the quality and appearance that professionals value for
these reasons:

Testamentary documents must last for many years, much longer than most legal documents.

The attorney's name should appear prominently on the will and trust stationery so that the attorney can be located by the heirs, executors and trustees.

Clients are impressed with the care you take in the presentation of their documents.

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