How to Protect Your Four-Legged Family Members

Luna Lovegood family pet
Family Pet (Luna)

Pets – Part of the American Family
More than 68 percent of American households have 365 million pets….and we LOVE them! Many of us feel that a pet is just as much a part of the family as any other person in the household. And 35% of us include their pets in family portraits. Just ask any pet owners what they’d save if their house caught fire. Often, their pets will come before their jewelry or artwork. Continue reading “How to Protect Your Four-Legged Family Members”

What is an “annual report”?

Annual Report Filing Service

Every business entity filed on a state level with the Secretaries of State of each state is required to file an “annual report” in order to remain active and in good standing.  Failure to file such an annual report may result in penalties or revocation of the corporate or business charter. While the time of filing of a company’s annual report may vary with the state in which it is filed, it is a requirement to remain in business. Continue reading “What is an “annual report”?”

Using Greeting Cards to Connect with Clients

Greeting cards for lawyers
Holidays and other occasions provide firms with an opportunity to use greeting cards to connect with clients. Greeting cards provide a deeper and more meaningful connection than social media. Whether sent by e-mail or U.S. mail, they show that your firm values client relationships. Read on to learn the history of greeting cards and get tips for sending them. Continue reading “Using Greeting Cards to Connect with Clients”

A Visit to the Studio of Georges Rouault

A Visit to the Studio of Georges Rouault

by Jim Alimena

As an art major at Livingston College, Rutgers University in the 1970s I was drawn to the work of Georges Rouault. The Biblical subjects, theme of suffering, strong color and black outlines, learned by Rouault in his early career working with stained glass, influenced my painting style. Over the years I would see if there were any Rouaults on exhibit when I visited a museum. The 2006 MOBIA exhibit “Miserere et Guerre: This Anguished World of Shadows” was very meaningful, the work itself enriched with MOBIA’s sensitive presentation. Continue reading “A Visit to the Studio of Georges Rouault”

Taking Better Notes

By Michael L. Goldblatt 

Note-taking is an acquired skill that helps people improve recall and process information. The earliest evidence of note-taking is the practice of recording grain inventories on stones in Mesopotamia over 5,500 years ago. Since that time, the medium for note-taking has evolved from clay tablets used during the Assyrian Empire, to papyrus made in Ancient Egypt, then parchment utilized in medieval times, and now paper which has been widely used since the Renaissance. Although the Digital Age has brought electronic media to note-taking, paper products remain a popular tool for taking notes. Continue reading “Taking Better Notes”

Mastering the Art of Communicating with Letters

By Michael L. Goldblatt 

The history of letter writing began when Egyptians started using papyrus over 30,000 years ago. For thousands of years, letter writing was restricted to governments, merchants, and wealthy individuals. By the 1800’s, letter writing finally became accessible to the masses with the spread of public education, availability of affordable wood-based paper, and drastic reductions in postage rates. Recent technological advances caused a huge decline in letter writing, but it still remains an effective method of communication. Letters are useful for persuading an adversary, explaining complicated issues to a client, and submitting detailed proposals and replies. Letters also work well for personal matters like condolences, congratulations, and thank you’s. Read on for tips for writing professional letters that improve your communications. Continue reading “Mastering the Art of Communicating with Letters”

“This Is the End, Beautiful Friend”

The following is an excerpt from “Wills of the Rich & Famous: A Fascinating Glimpse at the Legacies of Celebrities”  by Herbert E. Nass, Esq.

Jim Morrison
December 8, 1943 Melbourne, Florida

July 3, 1971
Paris, France

When rock superstar Jim Morrison died at the age of twenty-seven in a bathtub in Paris, he left a lyrical legacy that is etched into the consciousness of a genera­tion. As the incendiary lead singer for the sixties rock group The Doors, Morrison helped light the flames and fan the fires of that decade. One of The Doors’ first and best-known songs was “Light My Fire,” which became an anthem for the flower children of the sixties. Another song, performed particularly graphically by Morrison, was “The End,” in which the protagonist in the song has an Oedipal encounter with his mother and ends up murder­ing both of his parents. Strange days, indeed.

Continue reading ““This Is the End, Beautiful Friend””

Lawyers Can Write Clearly and Coherently

The "Consumerism Movement" of the 1970’s gave rise to the Plain Language Movement which, in New York, birthed the "Sullivan Law." The law required simplification of consumer agreements (contracts, including leases) and included a monetary penalty for violation of the Act. An amendment to the Sullivan Law that updates the $50,000 threshold to $100,000, passed the NYS Assembly and Senate and is now awaiting the Governor’s action. The Bill has not received the furor of attention that the original Sullivan Law received in the late 70’s. However, it will require a review of contracts and leases to see if they are now within the higher threshold of the law.

In the 1970’s the prospect of rewriting many Blumberg Leases and Contracts got my attention, and I sought out the "experts" for guidance. What I learned I summarized in the following article originally published in 1979.

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Marketing with Directory Listings

By Michael L. Goldblatt 

This year marks the 150th anniversary of James Martindale’s first publication of a directory that listed lawyers in every state. Martindale’s Directory continued in print for 140 years until it was replaced with an online edition in 2008. Read on to learn more about lawyer directories and how to optimize your listing to attract more clients.

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