Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019 – LEASES

The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019 became effective on June 14, 2019. All leases signed thereafter are subject the Act. We have been reviewing the Act with the attorneys that author several of the lease forms and hope to have them available at blumberglegalforms.com by mid to late August and printed forms about two weeks later. Continue reading “Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019 – LEASES”

Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019

New and Revised Notices to Tenants

We will begin to upload these forms at blumberglegalforms.com shortly

Blumberg Legal Form  119, formerly a 3-day notice, will be a 14-day notice. Rent demands required by law must be in writing, sent certified mail, and allow tenants 14 days to pay (RPL 711(2), 7-19

A new Blumberg Legal Form 309, will be an omnibus notice for 30, 60 and 90 day periods, 7-19

A new Blumberg Legal Form 304 will be a 5-day notice sent certified mail, RPL §235-E(d), 7-19

Blumberg Legal Form 307, 30-day notice, will be available for situations not affected by the Act, 7-19

Notices of Petition for Non-Payment or Holdover
Legal Forms 207b, 207d, 211, 445, 449, 511, 1407 and 1411 are under review. Continue reading “Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019”

Selecting an Agent under your Financial Power of Attorney

A Secret Agent may be very important to protecting the nation. Your Agent is just as important for your protection. An Agent is the person who makes financial decisions for you under a Financial Power of Attorney or makes medical decisions for you under a Health Care Power of Attorney. The Agent under your Financial Power of Attorney may act for you when you aren’t able to act for yourself, for example when you lack capacity. This is called a “springing power.” Alternatively, you also could allow your Agent to act for you under the Financial Power of Attorney even when you’re able to act for yourself. This is called an “immediate power.” Continue reading “Selecting an Agent under your Financial Power of Attorney”

NEW Corporate Manager

Corporate ManagerA protocol with forms for management of a corporate record book

Objectify important corporate activities required by business corporation statutes, help with audits and avoid piercing of the corporate veil!

A flash drive with suggestions for the ongoing management of your corporation record book with a questionnaire/checklist for annual record book maintenance, 12 pertinent forms and 29 resolutions. A basic set of Microsoft Word and pdf forms that enable you to easily complete and quickly cut and paste the appropriate forms together to create an annual record of actions taken and meetings held by the corporation. Continue reading “NEW Corporate Manager”

Housing Court Forms

Every once in a while, the court’s administrative office decides that a revision – or even an entire overhaul – of a longstanding form is required. This may be because the law, the procedure, some information related to the form has changed, or merely that the powers that be decide that the form just needs to be updated. It is not an unusual occurrence and, over the course of 130 years, Blumberg has experienced many of these changes and has risen to the challenge of each one!

Continue reading “Housing Court Forms”

Type-Size in Legal Documents

Type-Size in Legal Documents
Type-Size in Legal Documents

Back in 1993, there was considerable confusion in New York caused by defendants raising type-size defenses in contract and landlord and tenant litigation. Many litigants were defending contract actions by claiming that the contract was not printed in a type-size that complied with the New York statutes. As a result, my files were becoming crowded with letters from attorneys inquiring about the size of the type in Blumberg forms. It became such a problem that I was asked by the Office of Court of Administration if I could draft a bill that would clarify the issue and eliminate the confusion. Continue reading “Type-Size in Legal Documents”

Short Term Rentals Prohibited in Revised Forms

Short-term rentals are common (and perhaps inescapable) in a city like New York and other popular destinations, despite laws that prohibit the rental of an apartment in a Multiple Dwelling for less than 30 consecutive days. Recently, however, there’s been a dramatic upsurge in such rentals, thanks to vacation rental apps that have made the transactions simpler and more attractive for tenants and travelers. How much of a problem is it and how should it be addressed?

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Blumberg Freelance Contract Form 137 and Form 3137

New York Freelance ContractNew York City Enacts Protection for Freelance Workers, Effective May 15, 2017

A single person or an entity with only one person, engaged as an independent contractor by companies in New York City for work worth more than $800 (including multiple small projects within a 120 day period), is entitled to a written Freelance Contract that provides timely and full wage payment rights, prohibits retaliation if they exercise their rights, and provides penalties against companies for non-compliance. Continue reading “Blumberg Freelance Contract Form 137 and Form 3137”