Order Form for a Limited Liability Company Kit Cat. No.80LLC

Use for LLCs with one class of certificates. Orders received by noon are customarily shipped the same day.

Please enter the details required below and carefully proofread your entries. The certificates, label, and seal are customized directly from your order as you enter it. Accordingly, you retain responsibility for any errors or blank fields.* Our software uses the capitalization you enter and selects an appropriate type size and font for the length of the entity name. We recommend upper and lower case for long names. If you wish to specify type, or use your own logo, please contact us for charges and shipping schedule. If the name on a gold lettered record book (Ex Libris, Centennial, Esquire & Red Russia) is longer than 27 characters and spaces, please contact us at 800 LAW MART (529-6278). For multi-class or certificates with special text, call 800 529-6278.

If you ordered an LLC Kit with Operating Agreements, the forms will be a FILLABLE PDF instead of paper. The forms will be found in an attachment to an email we will send to the email address you provided when you placed your order. Your LLC name and state will appear in the fields wherever the forms call for them. We are the first to offer these unique features with an LLC kit.

If you wish to receive paper forms please state "Paper forms" in the Special Instructions field at the bottom of the order form.

We will include 50 sheets of 25% cotton content Law Blanks minute paper with your kit. It is formulated with archival quality to last for the many years that the minutes and by laws must be kept. It will far outlast ordinary copy paper.

You can give us a specific email address in the Special Instructions box.

Name of entity

Enter name exactly as on organization documents. The name must end with: LLC, LC (in certain states) or
Limited Liability Company.

To assure correct spelling, punctuation, spacing and capitalization, please enter the name of the entity again.
If the name contains more than 44 characters and spaces, an additional charge of $14.60 applies for a 2" die seal.

State of * TX LLC's must use TXLLC item number   Year Organized

Type of LLC Certificate

Units of Membership Interest supplied unless you check Representative or Percent certificates below
Authorized to Issue Units of Membership Interest (Default)
Authorized to Issue Units of Membership Interest

Title of person(s) signing certificates:
Member and Manager, unless you specify otherwise (enter titles)

Representative certificates
Representative certificates without assignment form (transfer of certificate does not affect a transfer of interest)

Percent certificate (no authorization line)

Options: Loose certificates and stubs (suggested for Shareprinter Template users). Certificates removed from bound books are 8" wide and require special care when printed. Loose certificates are 8 ½" wide. (Note: bound certificates help prevent fraud.)

Green border certificates supplies unless you select:

For LLC's  
* The cost to replace certificates, seal element and labels is $58.40. If the record book is gold lettered, the cost is $59.00 extra.

Web order special: Check box to include the following clause without charge ($9.50 value). Green borders only.

Clause 1P   Transferability of this certificate is restricted by the Articles of Organization.
The Company will furnish upon request and without charge a full statement of the restrictions.

NEW LLC Manager: Yes No $22.50

Special Instructions