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Blumberg Excelsior Corporate Services, Inc. will check name availability, prepare the LLC documents, and create a Custom Operating Agreement. We will file the LLC documents with the Secretary of State as required. We will send the LLC paperwork, corporate kit and customized operating agreement ready to sign, not just blank forms as our competitors provide.

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Choose Single Member or Basic LLC Operating Agreement
Most customers choose the Basic if they expect the LLC will have more than one member in the future.
Single Member Basic

Name of the LLC (must end with Limited Liability Company, LLC or L.L.C.)
Enter three names in order of preference. A unique name is more likely to be accepted by the Department of State and to be filed quickly. If all names are rejected by the Department of State, we will contact you for additional choices, with a resulting delay and for additional charges for a further search.

LLC address for copy of papers served on Secretary of State
The Limited Liability Company Law, Section 301, provides that process may be served on an LLC by service upon the Secretary of State. Section 301 requires the Secretary of State to send a copy of the process to the LLC at the address designated for that purpose in the articles of Organization. In most cases, this is the address of the LLC or, if not yet determined, your address.

County in New York State of the principal office location

Street address of the principal office location

Managed by: (Optional)

Dissolution date: Check to use "Perpetual" in place of a dissolution date

Initial member

Initial member address

Additional member (if any)

Additional member address (if any)

Additional member (if any)

Additional member address (if any)

Optional Services for Your LLC

Please review the options you selected at checkout to ensure they are the options you wish to purchase with your LLC.

You may select a premium kit at additional cost. This cost will be added after the order has been submitted. Click here to view all our corporate kit options.

Tax ID: Yes No Fee for tax ID is $35.00

Check box for Service and Select Sevice Type Learn more about this service.
Sales & Payroll Tax Registration Service
Sales Tax Registration Service yes

Biennial Statement Filing Service, $65.00: Yes No   Learn more about this service.

Arrange for New York State to email the company's Biennial Statements for a fee of $10.00: (You do not need this service if you order biennial statement service above.)

Yes No

Business License Compliance Package, $99.00: Yes No Learn more about this service.

New York does not require registered agents, however, if you choose this option, Blumberg will act as your registered agent and accept service of process and official government mail on your behalf. During the first two years you will maintain privacy until you file your biennial report with the state.

Registered Agent Service: Yes No $125.00 for the first year. $139.00 for subsequent years.

Order a certified copy for $20.00 Yes No

I would like to order Blumberg's LLC Publication Service. This will increase your order by $100. This is a down payment. Prices vary by county. We will inform you of the price for your county. Total publication fees range from $270.00 in Lewis County to $1,189.00 in New York County.

LLC Manager Yes No $22.50 (A protocol with forms on a thumb drive for maintaining your LLC record books.)