Nonprofit Corporation Formation

Item No.ARARCOINP . To get started forming your Nonprofit Corporation, complete this questionnaire and click Add To Cart. If you have any questions, please call 800 221-2972 press 2.

BlumbergExcelsior Corporate Services, Inc. will check name availability and prepare the Nonprofit formation documents. We will file the documents with the Secretary of State and other government authorities if required. We will send the Nonprofit paperwork and kit to you.

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1. Name of the Nonprofit Corporation (must end with Company, Corp or Inc.):

Please state three name choices in order of preference.

2. Purpose of the the corporation; be specific as possilble (required):

3. Principal Office Address of the Corporation:


4. Address of Registered Agent (must be a street address in the state of formation):

(Select Blumberg as your Agent Below.) If the filing is filed online with the state and the registered agent's name must be typed in, it is acknowledged that the registered agent hereby grants consent to BlumbergExcelsior to do so.

5. County where Registered Office is located

6. Members:

Will the corporation have members? yes No

7. Names and street addresses of three directors:

8. Fiscal year end:

9. Name and mailing address of members.

11. Nonprofit corporate kit with:

minutes and by-laws without membership certificates or with minutes and by-laws and membership certificates

Optional Services for Your Nonprofit Corporation

Registered Agent Service: Yes No
$125.00 for the first year. $139.00 for subsequent years.

Do you want a Tax ID: Yes No
The fee for a Tax ID is $35.00.

IRS 1023 EZ Application ( What is IRS 1023 EZ Application? See if you qualify.)
Yes (I certify that I have completed the work sheet and qualify) No
Total fee for IRS application $625. The fee for IRS filing is $275; Blumberg Service fee $350.

Please download and fill out the IRS 1023EZ Application. Upload your completed 1023-EZ Application now or check the button below and email the application to at a later time. (Instructions for adding a digital signature in Adobe Acrobat Reader; use latest version.)

I will submit later

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