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Blumberg New York Commercial and Office Leases

NY leases for business premises, lofts, stores and offices

New York office lease published November 2014

Arnold Mandell, Esq., a leading expert and recognized authority in the commercial lease domain, authored Blumberg's contemporary, comprehensive, office lease and guaranty (form 103) for the landlord practitioner. It incorporates broadened and updated concepts of office leasing combined with expanded in-depth coverage of fundamental protections for the landlord and its investment. The lease includes concepts and content not presently contained in general use office lease forms. Examples of provisions are:

  • Introductory provisions that enable the use of a simplified insertion and initialing process to expedite preparation.
  • Expanded subordination and recognition of mortgagee and lender requirements.
  • Comprehensive real estate tax and escalation provisions.
  • Services and utility terms and options.
  • Expanded bankruptcy provisions.
  • Detailed assignment and subletting provisions including landlord participation in excess rental.
  • Expanded rights and remedies related to a tenant default, including acceleration of rent.
  • Expanded tenant's waiver of damages and limitation of landlord's liability.
  • Condominium conversion.
  • Demolition.
  • Coverage for landlord's participation in incentive programs.
  • Required insurance and amounts.
  • Broker indemnity.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Delivery personnel and bicycle/transport station.
  • Embargoed persons.
  • Counterpart signing provisions.
  • Hazardous waste covenants.
  • And so much more.

Read, fill-in and buy form 103 comprehensive, modern office lease and guaranty online. Or license it to use in your firm's document development program. For licensing information contact Ann Lutchmidat at 800 529-6278 x1553.

35 BFO Store, loft, office, margin captions, full cls., dbl. sheet, 24 per pkg




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