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Objection Earn CLE Credits While Having Fun!

The Objection! Series

Makes legal education fun!

This witty series drops you smack dab in the middle of a trial where you must use your skill, wit, and speed to accurately object to improper questions as they are presented.

New Hyperlink to James Publishing’s best selling book “Is it Admissible?”; a unique quick-reference resource for understanding the rules of evidence. Contains over 1,200 case citation, state and federal rules of evidence, concise explanation of law and more.

In Objection!®, a Beverly Hills heiress has been murdered. Acting as defense attorney, it’s your job to keep your client out of the gas chamber.

In Civil Objection!® AutoNeg, your client has been injured in a nasty auto accident. As her attorney, you must use your trial skills to get her the best possible jury verdict.

Your clumsy client in Civil Objection!® SlipFall, can’t seem to step out of her house without injuring herself. Your accuracy and quick response are put to the test to get her the highest possible jury verdict.

View Screen Shots of Objection!

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The Expert Witness! module focuses on the issues and procedures of expert testimony most critical to the successful direct and cross examination of expert witnesses.

SivPro- "You will have fun re-learning civil procedure."

Whether you use the games to earn CLE, to enhance trial skills, to reduce malpractice premiums, or just for entertainment, you’ll have so much fun that you might not notice how greatly enhanced your trial skills are until the next time you are in court.

A good way to get your kids interested in the law!

Approved as CLE training in selected states!

Arizona—5 per game
California—9 per game***
Colorado—5 per game
Connecticut—7 per game
Florida—8.5 per game

Idaho—2 per game
Kentucky—6 per game
Missouri—6 per game
Nevada— 6 per game
New Hampshire—7 per game
New Mexico—5 per game
New York—up to 12*

North Dakota—9 per game**
Oregon—9 per game
Texas—5 per game
Vermont—7 per game
Washington—6 per game
West Virginia—9 per game

*Tennessee and New York allow one credit per level completed. All games have up to 8 levels except Expert Witness, which has 12. Tennessee only allows 4 self-study credits per year, which can be carried forward from year to year.
**Presumptively approved

System Requirements

Pentium PC 100MHz or higher, Win 95 or higher,16MB RAM, 10MB Hard disk space per game.

Networks require one program for each computer. Files can be saved for all users at a central location.

The games track the time each player spends cumulatively, producing a “Certificate of Attendance.” The credit may qualify as “participatory” in California. It may also count in states that don’t typically allow self study activities, as well as recognition by malpractice carriers.

4849 SivPro



4851 The Objection! Series Objection!®



4852 The Objection! Series Civil Objection!® AutoNeg



4853 The Objection! Series Civil Objection!® Slipfall



4854 The Objection! Series Expert Witness



4850 The Objection! Series All Five Games



4855 The Objection! Series Objection!, any Two Games




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