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Will Ribbon

with Will Tying Instructions

Choose red or blue will ribbon and red sealing wax or notarial gummed seals in a contrasting color approximately 1 1/2" to 2" in diameter.

Will Ribbon

1. Position signature space to allow 2" between signature and right edge of paper. Make three slits with a razor blade or sharp knife in this blank space. The slits should be diagonal, approximately 1/2" long, 1/8" apart and parallel to each other.

2. Staple all will pages together approximately 1/8" from their top (without the cover).

3. Fold over 1" flap on cover and insert the will pages.

4. Punch three holes across the top through all pages and cover.

5. Cut a piece of will ribbon approximately 42" in length. Cut the ribbon on a diagonal. Insert the will ribbon from the back through the two outside holes and tie a double knot directly over the center hole.

6. Pull one strand through the center hole to the back of the will. Run that strand around the ribbon, back through the hole and up to, but not through, the signature page. Pass the other strand through the center hole to meet the first strand. Now both strands should be behind the signature page.

7. Holding the strands together at their ends, pass them through the top slit, back through the center slit, and forward through the bottom slit so that both strands appear on the surface of the signature page.

8. Spread the strands apart slightly to form an inverted "V", and while holding them down affix:
– Notarial seal directly over the slits, or
– Melt sealing wax over the ribbon until all the slits are covered. If you have a wax seal, impress it upon the wax before it hardens.

Your Will is now tamper proof and professional in appearance.

Cat. No. Description PRICE Qty.  
2329B Will ribbon, blue, 50 yards $32.90
2329R Will ribbon, red, 50 yards $32.90

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