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Laser Checks

For any software. 12 security features:

Chemical stain X
Fluorescent fibers X
Warning band border X X
Padlock icon X X
Microprinted signature, lines and borders X X
Coin reactive ink on back X X
Heat sensitive ink on front X X
Screened check back X X
Padlock icon box on back X X
“Non-negotiable” phrase X X
Artificial watermark X X
Microprinted on back X X

Imprinting in black ink on colored pantograph background.

Basic Checks—Black Imprint Only

1 part, single check, 81⁄2" x 11", black imprint. Parkay pantograph: reflex blue, green, burgundy and tan. Perforations: 31⁄2" x 7" for top and middle checks, 4" x 71⁄2" for bottom checks. White vouchers. 24 lb. MOCR Bond. BC-T top position, BC-M middle position, BC-B bottom position.

250 500 1000 2000 3000
$71.60 $87.50 $136.20 $212.20 $327.00


Standard Checks--Black Imprint Only

Linen Pantograph: blue (298), burgundy (209), green (348), gray (430) and tan (465) or reflex blue.
Marble Pantograph: burgundy (209), reflex blue, teal (328) or green (348).
Scallop Void Pantograph: blue (662), green (357) or burgundy (209).
Prismatic: blue-red-blue
8 1/2" x 11" Format LC-T and LC-M also 81/2" x 71/3" Format LC-7T and LC-7B

Parts 250 500 1000 2000 3000
1 $110.20 $126.20 $190.20 $295.40 $361.50
2 187.00 207.00 297.30 422.00 573.90

Order 2-pt. if you need a copy for case files. Software: PCLaw, Quickbooks, Landtech, Soft Pro, etc.

81/2" x 11", 3-up, Format LC-3

Qty. Price Qty. Price Qty. Price
100 $103.50 200 $122.40 300 $151.20

(300 checks) (600 checks) (900 checks)

Multiple parts available, ask for price quote.

How To Order Laser Checks
We need the following information by mail or email (MICR encoding is difficult to read on fax):
1. Software used: developer, product name and version
2. Check color and pantograph (Linen or Marble).
3. Starting number. If your software provides consecutive numbers, state “Do not number.”
4. Send us a voided check with the MICR encoding to ensure accuracy.
5. Typestyle. If not given, we will follow imprint copy on voided check.
6. Quantity.

Click here to order laser checks

Continuous Checks
We can supply any check.Call 800 221-2972 x1695, fax 888 299-3301 or fill out our request for quotation form and indicate software developer, product name and version. Click here to request quote

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