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Blumberg Ring Binders

Organize important documents with durable, high quality binders. Whether you need to store legal forms, briefs or other important documents, Blumberg’s 2 and 3 ring binders are a great solution.

Budget Binders

Economical, sturdy vinyl binders in 2
and 3 rings and a variety of colors.

Deluxe Binders

Soft-padded vinyl or simulated leather for
a distinctive and elegant appearance.

Prestigious Binders

Simulated or real leather for a luxurious look and feel combined with robust binding mechanisms.

Buget Binders

Deluxe Binders


Prestigious Binders

Frequent Questions about Ring Binders

Why do I Need Ring Binders to Stay Organized?

Ring binders help organizing important documents in a safe, secure place. There are instances where an original document for form must be used in a law practice or business. Having a well orgaized binder keeps those items at your finger tips.

When technology goes down, there needs to be a backup readily available. Binders make accessing important documents easy in case of an mishap when retiving items for your local computer or in the cloud.

Why should I Use Lever Arch 2-Ring Binders

Compared to 3-Ring Binders to Lever Arch binders:

  • Hold 20% more paper
  • The compression clip prevents hole tears common with ring binders
  • The lever makes it easier to retrieve and replace papers in the daily index sections
  • Are less expensive
  • Content doesn't pinch between ring covers

How Do I Organize My Important Documents In Ring Binders?

The effective way to keep necessary paper originals is with chronological filing 2 and 3 ring binders labeled by year with monthly and 1-31 indexes. With 2-Ring Binders you can have substantially more paper documents can be retained on inexpensive shelving compared with expensive steel draw filing systems. Regain real estate!

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to the contiguous 48 states; orders under $50, $12.95 (see exceptions.) Corporate/LLC Kits FREE (seals, stamps $7.95).

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