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New York Business Certificate (DBA) Form x201

Certificate of Conducting Business under an Assumed Name

What is a fictitious name (a DBA)?

If you are starting a business as a sole proprietor or partnership you must file a document with the city, county or state as required by the laws of the state in which your business will be conducted. The name you choose for the business is a “fictitious name.” It is also called a “DBA” (doing business as). Read More Here

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Form 339 Certificate of use of assumed name by a corporation

Cat. No. Description PRICE Qty.  
639 BFO Amendment of assumed name, corporation, 48 per pkg $50.40
224 BFO Amended business certificate. ind. or partners, 48 per pkg $50.40
341 BFO Cancellation of business certificate, individual, 48 per pkg $50.40
176 BFO Cancellation of partnership certificate, 48 per pkg $50.40
74 BFO Conducting business as partners (corp. may be a partner), 48 per pkg $50.40
201 BFO Certificate to conduct business under assumed name, 48 per Pkg. $50.40
638 BFO Discontinuance of assumed name, certificate of, corp., 48 per pkg $50.40

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