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Seal Certificate and Label Combo

Pocket Corporate Seal, Certificates and Binder Label Combo

Get a corporate seal, stock or ownership certificates and a label for your corporate record binder at one low price

1 5/8" diameter pocket seal for names with less than 45 characters and spaces. Includes snap pouch.

2" diameter seal for names with more 45 or more characters and spaces. Includes snap pouch.

Imprinting standard legend certificates enables us to provide fast service at low cost.

Examples of certificates:
- Certificates for business corporations and LLCs
- Massachusetts realty trust certificates
- Membership corporation certificates
- New York professional corporation certificates
- Professional association certificates

20 Standard legend certificates are imprinted with corporate name, one class capitalization, state, officers’ titles (president and secretary/treasurer unless otherwise specified). Each certificate stub is numbered. A minimum of 20 certificates with every order. Short clauses, additional classes of shares and printing on back are available at extra cost.

1 spine label for binder for binder

ECL Corporate seal element only, certificates and binder label for corporate kit



ECLLLC LLC seal element only, ownership certificates and binder label for LLC kit



SCL Corporate seal, certificates and binder label for corporate kit



SCLLLC LLC seal, ownership certificates and binder label for LLC kit




FREE SHIPPING on Orders $50 or More
to the contiguous 48 states; orders under $50, $12.95 (see exceptions.) Corporate/LLC Kits FREE (seals, stamps $7.95).

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