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Blumberg Forms Online

Blumberg Forms Online

Intranet Version

Save Money
Get unlimited use of all 300+ Blumberg Forms Online with one annual subscription.

Keep Your Data Secure
All forms are available within your firewall with access managed by you. Client data resides on your servers.

Easy Administration and Cost Tracking
The Administrator sets the username and password for the users and groups. The Administrator can view any form and the purchase history. The other users can only view and work on their own forms. Prepare reports of the date, user, form number and forms used.

Save Time
Eliminate redundant data entry. Data in the fields of the forms is retained for use of the form in another matter. A real time saver. Save part or fully completed Blumberg forms, downloaded pdf’s and user-created forms as templates for future use. Reduce data entry when you use them later. Ideal for saving captions, attorney’s name and address, common fields in leases for several apartments in the same building, etc. Forms and templates may be used by everyone in the office, or limited to the user that created them. Downloaded forms and user-created forms are not counted in determining the subscription price. They are free.

Stay Up-To-Date
BlumbergExcelsior is constantly revising forms to comply with the latest changes in laws and we're regularly adding forms to meet the changing legal climate. With our intranet forms product you can immediately get the forms with a simple download from

A Full Forms Management System
Improved management of over 300+ Blumberg forms.

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to manage static or fillable pdf forms downloaded from the web.

With Adobe Acrobat 6+, convert your own Word or WordPerfect forms to pdf’s, then manage them in the Blumberg Intranet. Print, edit and reuse the Blumberg forms; downloaded Official Forms (pdf’s); and user-created forms in this central forms repository.

Easily Find the Forms You Need
Retrieve forms by title, number or date range from the Log of Forms Completed, the Drop-Down Menu of Templates or with the Customized Log Search. Print, edit and reuse the Blumberg forms, previously downloaded Official Forms (pdf's); and user-created forms.

The annual subscription fee is based on the number of forms transactions you anticipate for the first year. A transaction includes multiple drafts, and multiple prints of the final Blumberg form. Downloaded forms and user-created forms within the Blumberg Intranet for your transactions, is not charged as a transaction. They are free. Final Blumberg forms and templates of Blumberg forms are counted as a transaction.

For more information contact Ann Lutchmidat at 800 221-2972 x1533 or email

The subscription price for the first year is based on your choice of the following levels:

100 forms transactions @ $5.95 ea. = $ 595.00

250 4.15 1037.50
500 3.60 1800.00
1000 2.95 2950.00
2000 2.50 5000.00

Additional years – we will take an annual report of forms transactions and using the price schedule in effect at that time, bill you for the same quantity as the prior year if usage is within ± 25% of the prior years usage. Otherwise, we will bill you at the next lower or higher rate. If in any year your usage is more than 25% above the anticipated use we will bill you for the additional transactions above the 25% amount at the next lower unit rate.

FREE SHIPPING on Orders $50 or More
to the contiguous 48 states; orders under $50, $12.95 (see exceptions.) Corporate/LLC Kits FREE (seals, stamps $8.95).

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