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Engraved, Thermographed, Lithographed and Digital Business Cards

Call to order business cards 800 221-2972 x1692

Engraved Business Cards

Option A Medium Plate 80# White or Natural Clasic Linen 80# White or Natural, Parchtone Blue 65#

Option A 250 500 1000
*Engraved $85.00 $106.00 $145.00
With Second Color 173.00 209.00 282.00
**Thermographed 54.00 62.00
With Second Color 65.00 73.00
**Lithographed 56.00 65.00
With Second Color 67.00 76.00
Full Color Digital 38.00 60.00 75.00

House Colors
These are some of the PMS colors available. We have many more.
Call 800 221-2972 x1692 to see if we have your colors, if not, we will quote the extra charge.

*For color other then Black add $27.00
** For color other then Black add $23.00

For two sided printing and foil stamping call for pricing 800 221-2972 x1692. Or use our business card printing information form.


Cool Gray



Forest Green




Option B Heavy Plate 100# White and Natural Super Heavy Plate 130# White and Natural

Option B 250 500 1000
*Engraved $90.00 $111.00 $163.00
With Second Color 178.00 214.00 301.00
**Thermographed 65.00 76.00
With Second Color 76.00 87.00
**Lithographed 67.00 80.00
With Second Color 78.00 91.00
Full Color Digital 41.00 64.00 81.00

Printing Processes

Engraving (Intaglio Printing) A long-standing tradition of the legal profession, unquestionably makes the most prestigious impression. Its tactile finish and saturated color distinguish it aesthetically and practically from common printing processes and discourage fraudulent use of your letterhead. Secure—it can’t be reproduced on laser printers.

Thermography A raised printing process with a three dimensional look and feel, can’t be reproduced with office printers and is economical.

Lithography Flat/offset printing, can be graphically effective, particularly if used with a second color or process.

Digital Tremendously versatile, full color, quick delivery and economical.

Multiple Colors and Processes Combining printing processes, such as engraving and lithography, adding color(s), foil stamping and/or blind embossing makes your firm stand out. Color press proofs available on request. Request quote.

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