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Professional Logo and Stationery Design Service

Specializing in legal stationery.

  • The best way to get started with your new stationery is to make a professional logo and stationery ensemble to
  • Establish a graphic foundation for all your marketing efforts
  • Unify graphic communication for a cumulative marketing impact
  • Present a strong image (very important for merging firms)
  • Suggest your professional or law firm's specialty
  • Emphasize a change in internal structure and refresh the firm's image

Excelmage™ Professional Design Service


$69 Logo Classics Choose from one of our logo templates.

$139 Logo Design
The creation of a logo, either monogram or typographical treatment.

$179 Stationery Design
Letterhead design if you already have a company logo.

$249 Logo/Stationery Combination logo and full letterhead design (also includes complimentary business card and envelope design). Or, choose from Blumberg's standard professional stationery formats and type styles.

Call our printing department at 800 221-2972 x1692 or x1695 or request a quote for your stationery.

Visit our stationery printing services page. See some of the items we have designed.

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