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Celebrity Wills Go Public in
"Wills of the Rich and Famous"

This book is of interest to everyone who wants to take a glimpse into the last wishes and words of over 100 celebrities.

Author and estate attorney, Herb Nass, Esq. offers up something for everyone in this readable and entertaining examination of Wills. From Marilyn Monroe to Mae West, from Joe DiMaggio to Albert Einstein, W.C. Fields to F. Scott Fitzgeraldā€¦in all, over 100 Wills are examined from a very human point of view. Nass has used his legal expertise to gain access to wills and codicils which have been filed in courts around the world. WILLS shows the signatures on select Wills and, in some cases, even hand-written wills. See the inscriptions of John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Cary Grant, Jerry Garcia, Princess Diana, Frank Sinatra and more.

It is in WILLS that Nass debunks the long held myth that Walt Disney's body is preserved in a sub-zero freezer vault awaiting some cryogenic miracle to revive him. Through court papers, Nass documents that the remains are interred in Glendale, California's Forest Lawn Cemetery. For "Doors" fans, Jim Morrison's one-page Will made in 1969 (two and a half years before his death) doesn't even mention his parents who both survived him. Nass notes that Morrison often claimed his parents died when he was a child. In John Lennon's 4-page Will, written 13 months before he was killed, it says if Yoko Ono, or anyone mentioned in his Will, questions the document they would be dropped as a beneficiary.

Additionally, Mr. Nass has the unusual hobby of collecting copies of the original Last Will and Testaments, filed with the court, of some of the greatest thinkers, movie stars, politicians, and icons of the last 200 years. Nass' vast assemblage of Wills is a virtual encyclopedia of how attorneys protect (and sometimes bungle) the private affairs of celebrated clients. Indeed, WILLS allow us an intimate glimpse into the spirit of the people who created these documents.

WILLS chapters are grouped in themes and it ends with clear explanations of legal terms. An interesting read and a great reference book, The Presidential Wills are a must for history buffs. The Wills of the artists give a unique insight into the conflicted world of artists and collectors.

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