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The Celerity Digital Corporate Kit

Maintain all of your customized corporate documents in PDF format.

With a few clicks, all of your key corporate documents will be compiled into a digital corporate kit and stored into several PDFs available to download and store in the safety of your computer.

Contents of the Celerity Digital Corporate Kit
20 certificates: Common share certificates for corporations. Numbered 1 to 20, and a specimen certificate, customized with the state, entity name, certificate designation and signature titles ready to be issued by entries in your computer. Image of seal printed on the certificate. Print certificates with a color printer to create the colored border.

Assignment form: may be printed on the reverse side of the certificate.
Full-page stub: fillable PDF
Transfer ledger pages: fillable PDF
Seal images: for printing on labels (purchased separately)
New York or Model Minutes and Bylaws: details below

Options shipped next day
LLC seal and LLC Manager.

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Model Operating Agreements for Any State
A thorough set of documents to complete the organization of the corporation with organization resolution adopted by consent or meeting a full set of bylaws, and post organization documents for annual and succeeding corporate activities. Includes a helpful Tax Supplement, Medical Dental Reimbursement Plan, with special meeting forms to adopt it, and a corporate record tickler form to provide at-a-glance critical information about the corporation.

Celerity works best with the latest version of Acrobat Reader

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital corporate kit?

A traditional corporate kit is a binder with pre-printed tabs where you store your organizational documents, your bylaws or operational agreements, your resolutions and your stock or membership certificates and transfer ledger. The Celerity Digital corporate kit is Blumberg's version of a traditional corporate kit but in PDF format. Stored on your computer or in the cloud to give you access to your documents anywhere.

What documents are included in a digital corporate kit?

20 certificates with corporate name, state, capitalization, signature titles; fillable PDF fields for shareholders name, number of units, date and signature titles
Assignment form: may be printed on the reverse side of the certificate.
Full-page stub: fillable PDF
Transfer ledger pages fillable PDF
Seal images: for printing on labels
Minutes and Bylaws

My Digital Corporate kit won't open?

Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. Using other reader may result in files not being read properly

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