Minutes & Bylaws for Corporations

The minutes & bylaws below in fillable pdf format with the corporate name and state appearing in the appropriate fields are included by default with corporate kits. If you prefer paper versions please specify in the special instruction box on the order form "Printed Forms."

Model Business Corporation Act edition for any state

Item 5160PDF with corporate kits
Item 5160PDFZ purchased separately, $18.00
Item 5160 paper, $8.50

New York State BCL edition

Item 5150PDF with corporate kits
Item 5150PDFZ purchased separately, $18.00
Item 5150 paper, $8.50

Professional corporation:

Bylaws, blank state, Item 5162, $8.50

Non-profit corporations:

Membership minutes & bylaws, blank state, Item 5161, $8.50
Not-for-profit minutes & bylaws, New York, Item 5163, $8.50

Paper Minutes & Bylaws, state editions, $8.50

Business corporations:

5150 New York 
5169 Missouri
5170 California
5171 Connecticut
5172 Delaware

5173 Florida
5174 New Jersey
5175 Pennsylvania
5176 Texas

5177 Illinois
5178 Michigan
5179 Georgia

The Corporate Kits/Minutes Library.

The Corporate Kits/Minutes Library prepares the organizational minutes and by-laws of closely held corporations. Elect Sub chapter S treatment, medical reimbursement plans, qualification in other jurisdictions, etc. You can also prepare draft minutes for annual or special meetings of the directors or shareholders. The program for each state will let you prepare documents for Delaware corporations as well.

Shareholder Agreements Library (specify state) Cat. No. 4948 $450 + free shipping
Custom organizational minutes and by-laws prepared by our paralegals, $70.00 (below)

The Shareholder Agreements Library (state specific)

The Shareholders Agreements Library prepares cross-purchase and stock-redemption agreements with provisions governing rights of first refusal; buyouts on death, disability, retirement or termination of employment; payment terms and security for deferred payments; determinations of stock value; life and disability insurance; elections of officers and directors; restrictions on corporate actions; arbitration and other subjects. Each state program will let you prepare documents for Delaware corporations as well.

Corporate Kits/Minutes Library (specify state), Cat. No. 4949, $450 + free shipping

For LLC and corporate organization single use online applications click here.

Cat. No. Description PRICE Qty.  
5160PDFZ State model business corporation act, PDF $18.00
MINBYLAW Customized Minutes and By-Laws for corporations $70.00
5160 Blank state, model business corporation act $8.50
5150PDFZ New York Business Corporation (BCL), PDF $18.00
5150 New York Business Corporation (BCL) $8.50
5152 New York Professional Corporation (Art. 15) $8.50
5162 Blank state professional corporation, by-laws only $8.50
5161 Blank state membership corporation $8.50
5153 New York Not-For-Profit Corporation (N-PCL) Minutes and Bylaws Forms $19.50
5169 Missouri business corporation $8.50
5170 California business corporation $8.50
5172 Delaware business corporation $8.50
5173 Florida business corporation $8.50
5174 New Jersey business corporation $8.50
5175 Pennsylvania business corporation $8.50
5176 Texas business corporation $8.50
5177 Illinois business corporation $8.50
5178 Michigan business corporation $8.50
5179 Georgia business corporation $8.50

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