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Personalized Book and Monogram Embosser - Black Desktop Model

Add your name to this seal to identify your books in a beautiful way

Ex Libris Book Embosser
Emboss the title page and a predetermined inside page to personalize and safeguard your books with an embosser that says Ex Libris on the top and your name on the bottom. For the center choose Open Book, Torch of Learning, Tree of Knowledge or Scales of Justice.

Monogram Embosser
Personalize stationery, documents, labels, napkins, invitations and more with a monogram embosser. Customize the top with From the Desk of, Library of, etc. and add your name on the bottom. Put your initials in the center. Or create a complete customized seal with the wording you want such as a school or organization name.

Click on images to see designs.

Monogram Torch of
Tree of Knowledge Scales of Justice Open Book
Library Desk Seal Embosser Library Desk Seal Embosser Library Desk Seal Embosser Library Desk Seal Embosser
Library Desk Seal Embosser

Desk embossers also available with brass and chrome finishes.
Or get a personalized pocket embosser.
Emboss gold or red foil seals and apply them to your documents or books.

The Beauty and Meaning of Seals

Engraved, etched, debossed surfaces have always held a fascination. It probably began with goldsmithing. Gold is malleable and the smiths used it to mold and etch beautiful objects. Great masterpieces have been created by engravers. In the quotidian world, we engrave stock certificates, letterheads, diplomas for beauty and elegance as well as security. Read More Here

5241MM Ex Libris library desk seal, 1 5/8" die, monogram, black enamel finish



5241OB Ex Libris library desk seal, 1 5/8" die, open book, black enamel finish



5241SJ Ex Libris library desk seal, 1 5/8" die, scales of justice, black enamel finish



5241TK Ex Libris library desk seal, 1 5/8" die, tree of knowledge, black enamel finish



5241TL Ex Libris library desk seal, 1 5/8" die, torch of learning, black enamel finish




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