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The Red Russia Leather Corporate Kit

The Red Russia Leather Corporate Kits and Limited Liability Company Kits (LLC kits)

The best corporate kit; includes brass corporate seal

Named for the beautiful Red Russian leather hides used to make it, this extra heavy-duty, high-capacity corporate record book is the one Fortune 500 companies use to preserve their most important records.

  • Brass finished deluxe seal, perfect for desk display. (For corporate names greater than 44 characters and spaces you get a 2" black handheld seal.)
  • Hand stamped 24K gold-tooled record book with hubs on spine.
  • Precision tooled round rod loose-leaf binding mechanism.
  • 500-page capacity, can be locked for security.

Exclusive with BlumbergExcelsior Kits

Operating Agreements and Minutes & Bylaws as a FILLABLE PDF with the entity name and state in the appropriate fields. Unless you request printed forms with your kit, we will email the pdf to you the day after your order.

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Voted Best Corporate Kit Provider seven years in a row by readers of the New York Law Journal

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included in The Red Russia Corporate Kit?

The Red Russia corporate kit includes a brass finished corporate seal, certificates, transfer ledger, index tabs, corporate record tickler, minute paper and optional minutes and bylaws for corporations or operating agreements for LLC's, all neatly stored in a beautiful leather binder with the company name hand stamped in gold on the spine.

What's in a corporate kit? Click here for detailed information about the contents of Blumberg corporate kits.

What Is a Corporate Kit and Do I Need One?

The Corporate Kit or LLC Kit is a customized organizational binder and a convenient, tried-and-true way to gather and maintain your company’s management records.

When you form your corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company), it is critical to objectify the management of the business. This includes an orderly organization of key documents —including minutes of the activities of the company, bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, share certificate and stubs and transfers.

Learn more about corporate kits here.

How Do I Order a Corporate or LLC Kit?

Do not order your kit until you have proof of filing of the entity (the formal State document that establishes that the entity is in existence on the State’s records). Too many organizers had to redo seals and certificates because of State rejection of the name or other contents in the filing documents or the filing was delayed beyond the New Year. If you are pressed for time because of a closing or other event, keep in mind that we ship kits the same or next day after it is ordered.

To order a kit, have the official document in front of you. Learn about the information that is required to order a corporate kit here.

RB185 The Red Russia Leather Corporate Kit; complete corporation kit with 50 sheets of blank minute paper



RB185LLC The Red Russia Leather Limited Liability Company Kit (LLC kit); complete limited liability company kit with 50 sheets of blank paper



RMB185 The Red Russia Leather Corporate Kit with printed corporation minutes and bylaws



RMB185LLC The Red Russia Leather Limited Liability Company Kit (LLC kit) complete limited liability company kit with operating agreements




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