Law Office Stationery Printing and Design Service

We offer superb quality and fast turnaround on professional stationery printing and design services.

Professional Stationery Printing

The prestigious look and feel of high quality stationery is a tangible way to show clients your commitment to quality, right down to the smallest detail. Our craftspeople engrave, thermograph, lithograph and foil stamp your order to exacting standards in our own plant.

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Hint: In choosing typefaces, compare the length of your main line with the typeface of choice. If it is substantially shorter or longer than the name in the chosen typeface, you may prefer a more extended or condensed typeface. Compare each letter in your text to the letter in the typeface, particularly scripts.

How To Order

Select printing process and quantity for letterhead, continuation sheet, envelope and business card.

1. Select paper and color of paper.
2. Select additional processes.
3. Composition:
a) Select a layout and typeface, or send copy and samples of the typeface.
b) Send a marked-up sample of your stationery.
c) Send mechanical or electronic file.
4. Proofs will be emailed or faxed unless otherwise specified. Press proofs at additional cost. Inquire.
5. Additional processes: blind embossing, foil stamping, please inquire. Submit bleeds, solids and close registration for a quote.

Printing Processes

Engraving (Intaglio Printing) A longstanding tradition of the legal profession, unquestionably makes the most prestigious impression. Its tactile finish and saturated color distinguish it aesthetically and practically from common printing processes and discourage fraudulent use of your letterhead. Secure—it can’t be reproduced on laser printers.

A raised printing process with a three dimensional look and feel, can’t be reproduced with office printers and is economical.

Flat/offset printing, can be graphically effective, particularly if used with a second color or process.

Multiple Colors and Processes
Combining printing processes, such as engraving and lithography, adding color(s), foil stamping and/or blind embossing makes your firm stand out. Color press proofs available on request. Request quote.

A second color, engraved, foil stamped, thermographed or lithographed, makes your image stand out. Color press proofs available on request. Request quote.

Blumberg Cotton Content Papers

Blumberg papers offer quality and value.

The choice of legal professionals
Velvet and opulent feel, Environmental benefits, Archival strength and durability

Withstands strenuous production processes such as embossing, foil stamping, thermograph and engraving

Law Bond
(best value), 50% Cotton 100% Recycled wove; 24 lb. white, ultra bright white and bamboo

Excelsior Bond , 25% Cotton, 100% Recycled wove, 24 lb., white, ultra bright white and bamboo; and 20 lb. white.

Blumberg Cotton Bond Envelopes
Our high quality envelopes look great and save money. These 25% cotton white, ultra bright white and bamboo envelopes match Excelsior and Law Bond. They are a good match for several high priced 25% and 100% cotton Mill Brand papers (save up to $30/M). Request samples for comparison.

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