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Will & Trust Stationery, Trust Portfolios and Supplies

Blumberg’s will stationery delivers the quality & appearance that professionals value!

Last Will & Testament and Trust Stationery

Notice: Paper Supply Shortage & Blumberg's Commitment to Quality

With current global paper supply challenges, we understand that quality remains paramount. As a leader in the legal paper industry since 1887, Blumberg's expertise ensures that we continue to deliver the finest quality paper products. Our commitment is twofold:

• Uncompromised Quality: Our team meticulously selects the best available paper, compliant with our stringent quality standards. We source from the most reputable mills, assuring that the texture, weight, and appearance meet our exacting specifications.
• Environmental Stewardship: In keeping with our dedication to responsible sourcing, we prioritize paper that aligns with our environmental commitments. We actively seek suppliers that adhere to sustainable practices, assuring that our products reflect not just quality but ethical responsibility.

Our promise to you, our valued clients, is unwavering even in these challenging times. Trust in Blumberg to provide exceptional will stationery that maintains our tradition of excellence and our dedication to eco-conscious sourcing.

For any specific inquiries or concerns, please contact our customer support, and we will be glad to assist you.

Premium Will Stationery by Blumberg

Blumberg offers an unmatched selection of will stationery, including high cotton content Testament Ledger, renowned for its quality and durability. Crafted to our stringent specifications by one of America's top fine-paper mills, our will papers stand out in excellence.

• Finest Quality Paper: Experience the elegance of our high content cotton Testament Ledger, a revered standard in legal profession. We source the highest cotton paper possible.
• Laser and Inkjet Compatible: Print with ease using laser or inkjet printers, ensuring crisp and clear reproduction of legal documents.
• Genuine Steel-Die Engraving: We utilize genuine steel-die engraving for words like "Last Will and Testament," "Will," "Trust," and "Declaration of Trust," adding a refined touch to your documents.
• Oversize Envelopes: Our specially designed oversize envelopes can enclose both short and long documents in letter or legal size, offering practicality without compromising aesthetics.

Why Choose Blumberg Will Stationery?

Our sophisticated offerings reflect the gravitas of legal documents, ensuring that your firm's paperwork resonates with quality and professionalism.

• Quality Assurance: With a legacy since 1887, Blumberg's commitment to quality and excellence has set the benchmark in legal supplies.
• Customer Satisfaction: Our responsive customer service ensures a seamless experience from selection to delivery.
• Eco-friendly Options: Conscious of our environmental impact, we also offer sustainable choices within our product range.

Your firm name can be imprinted at a modest additional charge. Each imprint may include up to six lines. Specify GOTHIC, ROMAN, Cheltenham or Arial typeface.

Why should I use Will Stationery and Trust Stationery?

Testamentary documents must last for many years, much longer than most legal documents. The attorney's name should appear prominently on the Will Stationery and Trust Stationery so that the attorney can be located by the heirs, executors and trustees. Your clients will be impressed with the care you take in the presentation of their Will Stationery and Trust Stationery and documents. .

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