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Plush Raven, Garnet, Emerald and Ex Libris 3 Ring Binders

Finely etched gold foil lettering on the spine of the binder

Emphasize the importance of the documents that you prepared for your clients. Deliver them in a personalized 3 ring binder. This makes a lasting positive impression and provides the client with a place to preserve and protect their important records. It also facilitates future communications with your client by providing easy access to the documents

Blumberg offers quantity discounts on Garnet, Emerald, Plush Raven and Ex Libris 3 ring binders making it affordable for you to order a supply. You can even order with your firm name finely etched in 24k gold and customize with the closing title, client name, date, etc. Click here for these binders used as estate and trust portfolios. We have a large selection of legal index tabs to use with our 3 ring binders.

New Plush Raven 3 ring binder: Soft touch imparted by the foam lining and black like Edgar Allan Poe’s Raven.

A customized presentation makes a lasting impression.
Use for Wills, Estate Plans, Answer Books, Survivor’s Trusts and other important documents. Finely etched gold foil of titles, clients’ names and firm names on the surface of the spine: up to 3 lines in top section and 2 lines in bottom section, $11.95, additional lines $2.00 ea. Additional binders same copy: top panel $4.50, center or bottom panel, $3.50. For lettering on cover, inquire.

FREE Shipping on orders $50 or more to the contiguous 48 states

Cat. No. Description 1 5 10 25 50 Qty.  
5296GT Garnet 3 ring binder $28.50 $26.30 $21.95 $19.25 $17.25
5296EG Emerald 3 ring binder $28.50 $26.30 $21.95 $19.25 $17.95
5296RBK Plush Raven 3 ring binder with foam lining for soft touch $28.50 $26.30 $21.95 $19.25 $17.25
10M Ex Libris 3 ring, self-enclosed binder $38.00 $34.50 $30.00 $26.15  
10NDP Ex Libris 3 ring, without self-enclosed protection $28.50        

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