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QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) on Business Cards

BlumbergExcelsior can create and print QR Codes on your business card. Users of smartphones (eg. Blackberry, iPhone and Android) equipped with a free QR Code Reader App scan the code and it immediately does what it’s programmed to do such as:

  • Give clients quick access to online content such as your bio page, blog, announcements from your firm, etc.
  • Display informative text instantly on the smartphone
  • Add your contact information to a client’s or colleague’s smartphone
  • Enable people to respond to you by launching the phone’s email or text message system
  • Track viewer response

We usually print QR Codes in black ink on the back of business cards so they are large enough for accurate scanning (often 1.25 x 1.25 inches). The costs, which are in addition to the cost of business cards, are:

500 - $31.35   1,000 - $34.70   2,500 - $73.50   5,000 - $117.50   10,000 - $216.00

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