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Totality Debt Collection Software

Totality 4 Debt Collection Software

Easy-to-use collection software for Windows

Totality manages debt collection practices, and unlike other collection programs, it's affordable and easy to use. There is no limit to the number of debtor accounts you can enter and track. It's designed primarily for collection attorneys and collection agencies, but it can also be used by anybody who needs to keep track of collection accounts or loans.

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• Manufacturer’s Price $999 Our Price $899.10

Automatically Calculates Interest and Account Balances
Totality calculates outstanding balances on collection accounts, accrued interest on each account, outstanding balance after each payment or cost transaction and how each payment is to be allocated between principal, interest and costs. If the account is being handled on a contingency fee basis, then once the contingency fee percentage is entered for a client, each payment is allocated between the client's share and the attorney's contingency fee.

Full-Featured Tickler System

Totality has a full-featured tickler system, allowing you to set a tickler,or reminder, for any date. Every time the program is run any ticklers scheduled for today or any previous day are automatically displayed.

Creates Documents in Word or WordPerfect

Totality's mail merge feature automatically creates demand letters, pleading, and other word processing documents in Word or WordPerfect.

Context-Sensitive Help Throughout the Program

Totality requires little, if any training. Help on every portion of the program is always just a keystroke away, eliminating the need for bulky and confusing manuals. With Totality, you get productivity immediately.

Totality Produces a Variety of Reports

• Claim list report: list summary of all claims, one per row.
• Statement of Account: lists all payment and cost transactions for a debtor  (allocation between principal, interest and costs, and a running outstanding  balance). Send to debtors and submit to courts.
• Transaction Reports: details all transactions during a specified period  (month end or any specified range).
• Claim Reports: shows all information entered about a debtor.
• Tickler Reports: displays a reminder when an event meets the criteria you specify. 

Safeguards Against NSF Checks

Totality allows the user to put an Automatic Hold on specified debtor payments for a user-defined period of time. If a Transaction Report is run during the Automatic Hold period, the held payments will not appear on there port. Once the hold period has expired, those payments will appear on all future reports.

Totality Screen Shot.

System Requirements
Pentium III PC 450 MHz, 128 MB RAM minimum, Windows 200/XP/Vista, 50 MB hard drive space minimum.

Technical Support
30 Days free support; Thereafter, mandatory annual support charges from Totality Software, Inc are:

To Speak with one of our software specialists call 800 221 2972 x1565 or email us at

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to the contiguous 48 states; orders under $50, $12.95 (see exceptions.) Corporate/LLC Kits FREE (seals, stamps $8.95).

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