Special Text Stock Certificates

Special Text Certificates for:

Preferences, multiple classes, foreign corporations, stock options, corporate and municipal bonds, etc.

Large selection of our own and Goes borders in stock enables us to give you rapid service.

To order furnish sample (electronic file or typewritten copy). Send a copy of certificate of incorporation, amendment, etc., we will set up text and furnish a proof.

How to order multiple class certificates. 

Call Customer Service to order at 800 529-6278 x1583

Price includes up to 200 words, one class and numbering *All-In-One 81⁄2" X 11"
Black Ink 4-color
**Standard 81⁄2" x 15"
Black Ink 4-color
40 lithographed certificates 208.00 255.00 238.00 283.00
With corporate kit, add to kit price 190.00 236.00 220.00 263.00
Each additional certificate .38 1.40 .44 1.45
40 steel-lithographed Goes certificates 253.00
Each additional certificate .66
Each additional 100 words or part 44.60 44.00

50 word clause imprinted 37.40 37.40
100 word clause imprinted 44.60 44.60
Standard clause 10.50 10.50

Each additional class of stock recited    
(Certificates will be divided equally
in separately numbered classes unless
otherwise specified.)
37.10 37.10
Printing on reverse side 22.40 22.40
Logos, artwork (you supply digital file) 31.50  

Acceptable file formats: Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps), Adobe Photoshop (.psd)*, Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)*, JPEG Image (.jpg)*, TIFF Image (.tif)*
*These files require a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) at 100% of the final print size. (A higher resolution means a more detailed printed image.) The recommended resolution is 1024 X 1024 at 300 DPI.

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