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Custom Imprinted and Plain Envelopes

Print your logo on envelopes to create a marketing opportunity when mailing contracts, briefs, financial documents and tax returns to clients.

Business Envelopes

Reply Envelopes

Security Envelopes

Tinted double window envelopes save time by enabling you to send checks without addressing. One window and no window security envelopes are available plain or with return address imprint.


Postage Saving for Large Documents

USPS 1/4" thickness restrictions for First Class Mail make 6" x 9" envelopes a good choice for mailing multi-page documents. Instead of folding twice, which causes papers to bulk up, consider folding once and mailing in a 6" x 9" Tyvek or White Wove envelope. This is the most favorable size for postage saving if the thickness is less than 1/4".

BlumbergExcelsior has envelopes for your mailing and shipping needs. Use our best selling Number 10 envelopes with your return address for added branding to your regular mail. When you bill a client include a number 9 or 7 reply envelope to expedite payment. Use our security envelopes for mailing checks and other confidential documents. And check out our great selection of large envelopes for mailing large documents and for shipping.

Tyvek® Shipping Envelopes— Virtually Indestructible!

Large White Wove Shipping Envelopes

Large Kraft Shipping Envelopes

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