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Identify Corporate and Notary Seals

TELL-a-SEAL™ Labels Easily Identify Corporate and Notary Seals

Free with every new corporate kit and pocket seal

TELL-a-SEAL labels fit over the nub on a pocket seal die holder and on the handle for quick identification of the name, state and year on the die of a corporate seal or the name and state of the notary on a notary seal.

No longer fumble around in drawers, on shelves, desks and in corporate kits for the appropriate corporate, LLC, architect or engineer seal for the documents to be signed and sealed. Until now, to identify the correct seal you had to strain to read the reverse intaglio image on the die. No more! Now you can find the pocket seal you want in a bunch of seals quickly and without making an impression.

TELL-a-SEAL labels ensure that pocket seals are returned to the correct corporate kit, avoiding embossing documents with the wrong seal.

TELL-a-SEAL labels, which are patent pending, are an exclusive product of BlumbergExcelsior, the original creator of the corporate kit and the leading innovator in legal supplies since 1887.

Soon, from this page, you will be able to order TELL-a-SEALâ„¢ labels for pocket seals in your possession at a nominal charge. Until then the labels are only available with new orders.

Watch this video about Tell-a-Seal labels.

Corporate, notary, engineer and architect pocket seals

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