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Custom Printed Standard Legend Certificates

Imprinting standard legend stock, membership, etc. certificates enables us to provide fast service at low cost.

Examples of custom printed standard legend certificates:

Stock certificates for business corporations, non-profits and not-for-profits
LLC (limited liability company) membership certificates
LP (limited partnership) partnership certificates
Certificates for LLP's, B-corps, and cooperative corporations
Professional corporations (PC), PLLC's, PLLP's and associations

We custom print standard legend certificates with the entity name, one class capitalization, state and officers' titles.
Certificates are numbered in red ( stub is also numbered)
Minimum of 20 certificates with every order
Short clauses, additional classes of shares and printing on back available at an extra cost

Download Share Printer, FREE

Shareprinter™ prints in the fields of the preprinted story that appears on the certificates that come with our corporate, LLC and LP kits or on imprinted certificates ordered without the kit. It does not print the entity name, capitalization, etc. because they are imprinted in the story in our plant. It fills in the name of the holder, prints the number of shares/units in the certificate box, spells out the number in the story, then prints same on the stub. It is not intended for use with blank bordered certificates, or certificates with story of styles that are not included with kits.

– Dates the certificate and stub automatically.
– For single class BlumbergExcelsior certificates.

Important: to use the TEMPLATE, request loose (not bound) certificates and stubs when you place a corporate kit or certificate order.

What is a Custom Printed Stock Certificate?

A custom printed stock certificate is a piece of paper that represents a shareholder's ownership in a company that has the entity name pirnted on the front face and can may also have the company logo. Custom printed Stock certificates include information such as the number of shares owned, the date of purchase, par value ,a corporate seal, and signatures lines.

Do you require multiple-class stock or ownership certificates?

Fair notice considerations embodied in most state corporate statutes set minimum criteria for the printing of multiple-class share certificates. In addition to essential information necessary on single-class certificates, the shares of each class of a multiple-class corporation must have specific information printed on them.

Read our free paper, "How To Order Multiple-Class Certificates."

Continuous Form Stock Certificates

Call 800 221-2972. Ask for a certificate specialist.

Free when you order online below: Add one standard clause to your imprint

Make your selection on the order blank. For custom text clauses, multiple classes, special printing, bonds, warrants, options and continuous forms, please call our certificate experts at 800 221-2972. (Does not work with Blumberg's Shareprinter template.)

Make an impact! Add your logo in color to your custom stock certificates.

Logos, artwork (you supply digital file) $31.50

Acceptable file formats: Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps), Adobe Photoshop (.psd)*, Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)*, JPEG Image (.jpg)*, TIFF Image (.tif)*
*These files require a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) at 100% of the final print size. (A higher resolution means a more detailed printed image.) The recommended resolution is 1024 X 1024 at 300 DPI.

ALL Corporation stock certificates, 20 sheets



XXLLC LLC (limited liability company) membership certificates, 20 sheets



ALP LP (limited partnership) partnership certificates, 20 sheets



MEM Non-Profit/Not-for-Profit Corporation stock certificates, 40 sheets




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