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Celerity Digital Standard Legend Certificates

Available in 30 to 40 minutes! With a few clicks, your LLC or corporation certificates will be compiled and stored in several PDFs available to download and store in the safety of your computer. A link to download your digital kit or certificates from our secure server will be sent within an hour or two (during business hours) by email to the email address you entered on the order.

Celerity is built on a secure foundation using the latest server encryption. Moreover, ​​the digital kits never leave Blumberg’s secure server until you download the file.

Celerity® Certificates Include:
- 20 standard legend certificates with the entity name, state, authorization/capitalization, signature titles, plus a specimen certificate
- Certificates are numbered in red ink 1 and up or another starting number
- Image of the seal printed on the certificates
- Special clause of your choice included
- 20 numbered stubs
- fillable fields for holders’ names, number of shares issued, and date of issue
- Corporations, one class capitalization
- LLC membership or representative certificates
- Assignment form for printing on the reverse

Looking for paper certificates? For standard legend, certificates click here.
For special text certificates with multiple classes, preferences and other restrictions call customer service 800 221-2972, press 1

Have a Question, We can Help! Click here to download Sample

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Stock Certificate?

A digital stock certificate is a book of digital pages in PDF format that represents a shareholder's ownership in a company that has the entity name on the front face. Digital Stock certificates include information such as the number of shares owned, the date of purchase, par value ,a corporate seal, and signatures lines.

Does Blumberg Sell a Digital Corporate Kit?

Yes, The Celerity Digital corporate kit is Blumberg's version of a traditional corporate kit but in PDF format. Stored on your computer or in the cloud to give you access to your documents anywhere. Click for more information on Celerity.

What is a Share Certificate?

Certificate shares are stocks of a company represented on a paper or in dgital format of a certificate. The owner of this certificate would has evidence of ownership of the company.

My Digital Certificate won't open?

Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. Using other reader may result in files not being read properly.

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